House Rules

Wired Reflexes, Synaptic Boosters, the Increase Reflexes spell and the Improved Reflexes adept power are all removed from the game. Instead, everybody initiative dice based on “level”. Street level gives 2D6, standard play gives 3D6, Prime runners have 4d6. Drugs and other modifications still apply.

Spells can be purchased as per the standard rules, or be purchased exclusively with nuyen but at an inflated cost based on type.
Combat: 20,000
Detection: 10,000
Health: 10,000
Illusion: 10,000
Manipulation: 15,000
Ritual Spells: 10,000

Ice Elemental Effect: When hit with an ice attack, roll Armor + Cold Resistance – AP. The threshold is the net hits on the ice attack. If it succeeds, the armor is brittle for a number of rounds equal to net hits. If the armor is hit by damage (pre-soak) equal to the armor value, it breaks and provides only half armor.

Acid Elemental Effect: Deals -1 to armor per combat round. Each combat round reduce the damage by 1 and apply it again. Any round that you take acid damage, take a -2 to all actions.

Internal Routers from Chromed Flesh are not allowed

If you have zero dice on a test, roll 1d6. If you roll a 1, you critical glitch. If you roll a 6, you get a hit. Anything between 2 and 5 is a normal glitch.

House Rules

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