The O'Doyle Family


Cost: 7
Connection: 4
Loyalty: 3
Special: Humans can purchase him for 2 less karma. Anything not human reduce his loyalty by 2.

Training: Demolitions, Armorer, Hardware, Longarms, Heavy Weapons, Gunnery, Free Fall

Qualities: Jurryrigger, Rad-Tolerant, Radiation Sponge, High Pain Tolerance, Restricted Gear

Big Boom: Every so often, usually once every month, Mitch receives a large supply of explosives. While he usually uses them for fishing and hunting he is always willing to spread the joy with others. Roll 2d6,

2-4 he has nothing,
5-7 Any Explosive up to 13F
8-10 Any Explosive up to 18F
11-12 Any Explosive up to 20F

Quantities are up to GM discretion.

There is one more caveat Mitch wants a hunting buddy. Anytime you pick up explosives you’ll have to spend the day hunting with him. Roll your composure, Threshold of 2. If you fail gain the Prejudice Specific (Chose random metatype) quality at level 1, as his arguments are pretty convincing.


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The O'Doyle Family

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