Saul Rosenberg

Don't settle for a defense autorney, get a criminal lawyer.


Cost: 6
Connections: 3
Loyalty: 2
Special: The higher the notoriety the less Saul wants to be seen with you. At 5 notoriety or above, increase his cost by 2.

Training: Saul’s a busy man. He doesn’t have time to teach you gonifs things your mishpoka shoulda taught you.

Qualities: Bilingual (Yiddish), Speed Reading, Trustworthy

Did You Read Him His Rights: For minor crimes, Saul can get you off. Maybe not unscathed, but at least get you out of jail time. Maybe you’ll have to do a few months probation, some restitution, pay a few fines, but you’ll get out of the cell as long as you don’t have a warrant for something involving a dead body or a major felony. But greasing the wheels takes a lot of grease – about 5,000 nuyen worth. Saul is not legally licensed to practice law in any extrateritorial nations.

Lies and Slander: Saul can level a defamation suite against people who have defamed your reputation. While this rarely results in anything more than some media attention, that’s what you are paying for. For 5,000 nuyen he can decrease your notoriety by 1 but increase your public awareness by 1. This can only be done once every six months.

Reclaimed Identity: In the crash of ‘64 many people lost their identities and SINs. Saul can guide you through the process to reclaim the SIN you lost in the crash. At a 20% discount, Saul can provide SINs up to rating 3, with appropriate licenses, though for some reason the really specific details don’t seem to match up quite perfect.

A Friend of Money, Enemy of Trouble: For every 15,000 nuyen you spend on Saul’s services, increase his loyalty by 1. If you use his “Did You Read Him His Rights” ability more than once in 3 months, or if you leave evidence tying you to major crimes in the 3 months following using this ability, decrease his loyalty by 1.

Saul Rosenberg is a jewish ork defense attorney specializing in using technicalities to get his charges off. With an encyclopedic knowledge of law, and ware geared towards enhancing that skill set, he has a fairly stunning track record. Sleazy in the extreme, he has a reputation for going that extra step for his most valuable clients.

“In this justice system of ours? Getting a man off is easier than ever. Unless there is media attention on the matter, all you gotta do is be more annoying than the prosecution and you can’t out annoy a jew.”


Saul Rosenberg

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