Patrick "Patty Fin" Finnigan

A bear of an elf with connections to the IRA


Patrick Finnigan, known as Patty Fin, is a large elf standing at six and a half feet tall, and nearly 300 pounds of lanky muscle. His reasons for being in New Orleans are unclear, and he is not likely to change that any time soon. He tends to spend most of his time at bars and seems to be on good terms with a few of the criminal outfits within the city, especially the local mob. Patty Fin is a known smuggler and explosives specialist.

His nickname comes from his right hand which has two fingers missing and two fused together.

“Lemme finish this `un off right quick. I don’t got the fingers to kick yer ass an drink at the same time anymore. Tony – pour up a whiskey, this ain’ gunna be morina minnit.”


Patrick "Patty Fin" Finnigan

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