Harry "The Spiv" Stykes

The Rat Pirate


Cost: 10
Connections: 6
Loyalty: 2
Special: Rats are a good sense of people. At least that’s what Harry says. If you have less than 5 notoriety and at least 4 ranks in animal handling, increase his loyalty by 1.

Training: Animal Handling, Longarms, Navigation, Palming, Pilot Groundcraft, Pilot Watercraft, Sneaking, Tracking

Qualities: Animal Empathy, Black Market Pipeline, First Impression, Restricted Gear, Sense of Direction, Steely Eyed Wheelman

Check the Bins: Harry keeps an eclectic shop. A mishmash of whatever he’s stolen in the last few months and hasn’t yet sold. Maybe he has what you’re looking for, maybe not. Harry can theoretically have just about any piece of gear, weapons, vehicles, or similar item that does not require personalization. He rolls 6+3D6 dice to find any specific item, but you pay a 15% increased cost for that item.

It’s a Zoo: With a specialty in paracritters, Harry rolls 16 dice to find paracritters. He has 20 dice to find rodent type critters, and can always get ahold of Baskerville Hellhounds.

It’ll Cost You: Harry is a pirate. He normally doesn’t do requisition jobs, but if they pay, he’ll go for it. With enough time and enough pay, he’ll get you anything. For every point of availability over 18, add 10% the cost of the item. Double the markup if it’s a forbidden item. Roll a D6, multiply that by the delivery time.

A rat shaman of notable skill. Most traditional shaman would call him a waste of potential, but Harry is happy and its hard to fault a guy for that. Of course, you wouldn’t guess he was a shaman at first glance. Not unless you decided to assense him – and I wouldn’t recommend it. He’s a ratty fellow, usually unarmed and unarmored, but he tends to travel with his crew. See, Harry is a pirate. Not cutlasses and eyepatches, but the modern form of the career. He hits semis, shipping lanes, highways, smuggling routes, warehouses, the whole works. As a result, he tends to have an eclectic collection of wares for sale at any given time, ranging from second hand cyberware, weapons, bullets, armors, baubles, trinkets, knick knacks, programs, cyberdecks, even vehicles. Quality ranges from used ware to top of the line sports cars and military grade weaponry. His specialty though is rare paracritters. Siberian Lightning Bees, Albino Hellhounds, Basilisks, Fenrir Wolves, only person I know who can capture a Baskerville Hellhound. Much less train one.

Of course, the first hint he’s magical will come when you deal with him, and the rats seem to come out of their nooks and crannies to say hi. You never know just how many rats live in a given house until Harry shows up for dinner. Of course, long as you don’t stomp on a rat, he’s not hard to deal with. He’s got the cockney businessman thing going, two button vest, a bowler hat, whole deal.

  • Course, the little rat bastard is a coward. And a cheat. He sold me some plastics that looked real, sounded real, tested real. The bulk order? Complete freaking dud. When I went to talk with him again and threatened to turn him into a coat, he gave me the real deal. On the house.
    -Patty Fin
  • You went to a rat shaman pirate, and didn’t bring an expert? And then you tried to bully him into making things right? You poor, poor idiot. Harry, what did you do to him?
  • Your accusation stings Brightside! I would never waste my time on petty revenge on some uppity Irish ginger beer wat doesn’t know ‘is way around a negotiation. But to the brass tacks – Patty, ya got fiddled. Your hampton wick’ll stop burnin when you put up a public apology. On this page. I want it proper sentimental.
  • Speak english! Translation for those who don’t speak like a street urchin from a Shakespearean crime drama. Hmm….perhaps I should publish my next paper in cockney rhyming slang. Ginger Beer = Queer, Brass Tacks = Facts, Fiddled = Swindle, Hampton Wick = Prick (Penis).

Harry "The Spiv" Stykes

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