Edward Staunman

They all called me mad, I'll show them!


Special:Characters with higher education (College education quality, or a high education life module) can reduce his cost by 2. Characters with the uneducated quality, or a logic less than 3 increase his cost by 2.

Training: Alchemy, Arcana, Artificing, Artisan, Astral Combat, Binding, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Cybertechnology, Disenchanting, Demolitions, Electronic Warfare, Hardware, Locksmithing, Medicine, Palming, Performance, Ritual Spellcasting, Spellcasting, Summoning

Qualities: Analytical Mind, Exceptional Attribute (Logic), Focused Concentration, Inspired, Linguist, Magic Resistance, Speed Reading

Advanced Information Retention:Dr. Staunman has an encyclopedic knowledge of a strangely eclectic number of subjects. He rolls 20 dice for knowledge tests regarding the magical sciences, academia, magical artifacts, the carnival and circus business, stunt work and criminal psychology.

Fruits of Field Work: Due to a life involving many career paths, Dr. Staunman has contacts in many places. He has 14+connections dice for the purpose of purchasing gear which could reasonably be found in a morgue, funeral directory, or circus. (Medical drugs, throwing weapons, gas grenades, grapple guns, cannons that can fire people with reasonable safety)

That Belongs in an Astrally Sealed Vault: Dr. Staunman is willing to buy magical artifacts for a premium price. Not just any random rubbish foci, but the good stuff. Treat his loyalty as 4 higher for the purposes of determining how much he’ll pay for magical artifacts.

To Pay the Bills: Though it pains him to do so, Staunman lost his tenure and has to pay the bills somehow. His preferred method is making magical goods. At any time he can sell up to 2,000 nuyen in reagents for any tradition, 5,000 for heremetic or other “scholarly” traditions. In addition, you can buy foci from him (He has 14+Connections dice) at a 20% markup, but he refuses to deal in “Toys and post-grad work” and won’t bother with any foci with a force under 5.

Edward Staunman never took his craft seriously, much to the chagrin of those around him. With a near legendary natural aptitude for magic, an eidetic memory, a voracious passion for knowledge, and an intuitive understanding of the practical elements of thaumaturgy, Edward was always on the fast track. Perhaps his biggest problem was that he never got off it.

At the age of 66, Edward has 8 doctorates in various Thaumaturgical disciplines including Hermetical Sciences, Conjuring, Cybertechnology, Occult Studies, Arcanoarchaeology, and Fourth World Ritualism. He also boasts four doctorates in more traditional sciences, a bachelors in performance arts with a specialization in miming, as well as juggling, stunt work, criminal psychology and funeral directing.

After a highly successful career in multiple fields, working as a professor for the final 18 years of his career, and amassing a small fortune, he managed to lose tenure after turning all his failing students into newts with a cursed critter form variant. Today, he works on his own, pursuing his own research and often posting on the New Orleans Shadownet as “Doctor Moreau”

“Good news everyone, I’ve gotten a strand of hair of that boy who keeps running through my lawn. Lets see him run when I’ve sicked my cyber zombie dire crab army on him!”


Edward Staunman

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