A veteran of the shadows who has a soft spot for the newbies.



UPDATE: Brightside died on July 28, 2075 in an altercation with the Triads.

Brightside is one of the few veterans of the NOLA shadows. Having been around for 8-9 years by this point, the human street sam and weapons specialist has seen most of the dirt the city has to offer, and even has a small B-rate movie series loosely based on her exploits.

Brightside has a pragmatic, mercenary attitude when it comes to her jobs – she avoids anything too dirty if she can, but she avoids the codes of honor and crusades that get people killed. She is fairly well cybered up, but opts for less invasive bioware or subtle chrome that doesn’t stand out. Tactically minded, she tends to run her teams like a military unit, with everything from call signs to formations.

Perhaps one of the most notable things about Brightside is that she actually helps the newbie runners on occasion. At least the ones who aren’t too stupid. I got permission to give you all a freebie.

“I don’t care how loud you plan on going, bring a holdout and a knife. Use caseless ammo, scrub your signatures – digital and astral – and wear military surplus boots. Your 6,000 nuyen shoes leave a distinctive footprint. Don’t leave bodies if you can avoid it. The most dangerous thing in the Shadows is an enemy you don’t know you have because you didn’t realize that taking that ak-97 and pawning it would give a corp an ownership trail right back to you.”

  • To give Brightside credit, she’s all military but she knows how to handle a team. Shadowrunners aren’t a military group. They have special needs that need to be catered to. You can’t put your stunning elf decker alongside some dimwitted trog with more bullets than brain cells and expect things to go well.
  • It’s true. As nice as it would be to do things clean and neat, you have the cards you have. Sometimes that’s an elf with an ego bigger than the porn stash on his deck and the attention span of, well, a decker. That means you start planning meetings by giving him something to work on while the big girls talk plans, and schedule breaks for the powder room so he can fix his hair.
  • This is what I get for going to bat for somebody. Next time you need blueprints, I might just be busy in the powder room. My hair takes so much time after all.
  • Hey Locke, lets be fair. Last run I ran with you two? She sat you down, told you to pull up blueprints on the place and get dirt on the spider. And after I geeked the guy with the shotgun on you, you ended up poofing for 45 seconds and coming back with a clean shirt.
    -Tin Man
  • Do you all just randomly forget I have blackmail on every one of you?
  • If you used that, you’d have to find new people who would put up with you.


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