Alan Wolfe

A man with an impeccable sense of fashion and a strong interest in occult memorabilia and magical artifacts.


Cost: 6
Connections: 4
Loyalty: 2
Special: Shaman and “native” mages can buy him for 1 less karma. Infected can purchase him for 1 less karma.

Training: Arcana, Assensing, Blades, Spellcasting, Ritual Spellcasting, Sneaking, Survival, Tracking

Qualities: Astral Chameleon, Poor Link, Sense of Direction, Witness My Hate

Let Me Understand You: If a player gives up an item of personal significance to Alan, they can increase his loyalty by 1 or decrease his cost by 1. This item doesn’t need to be an item from the books, but needs to be something with strong personal connection.

Nobody Goes Hungry: Infected can buy their unique dietary needs from Alan at a cost of 100 nuyen per pound of flesh or pint of blood. He can’t help you on essence drain.

An Unwelcome World: Alan can provide maps of the sewers and other less traveled back alleys for a cost. Roll connections*2+loyalty. Each hit increases the clarity.
AAA: Unavailable
AA: 2,000 nuyen, -2 to roll.
A: 1,500 nuyen, -1 to roll.
B: 1,000 nuyen, no modifier
C: 750 nuyen, +1 to roll
D: 500 nuyen, +2 to roll

Alan Wolfe is a well dressed man, even if his sense of fashion seems to be a few decades old, in the “Neo-Noire” style that was quite popular some twenty years ago. He is perhaps a bit under thirty and reasonably charming. He is a card carrying member of the Atlantean Foundation and seems to have at least some budget for the purposes of looking into archanoarchaeology, magical relics, ancient spell formulae, talismans, especially dealing with cults and “fringe magical systems”.

He is clearly affiliated with the Red Word Boys gang, and during the funding of the restoration of a small neighborhood in the lower 9th he tried to sabotage the fundraiser. During this time Roy was kidnapped and kept in the basement, and Ace Ronin was knocked into a short-term coma while investigating his home.

Roy uncovered that Alan Wolfe is also a Shaman of predatory mentor who he mentioned as being Lilith – a hard nosed variant of the more common Seducer totem, focused instead on hunger, desire, ambition and imposing one’s will on the universe.


Alan Wolfe

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