The Big Easy

Poppy Milk

Session 3: 8/30/2015

July 24th 2075

Work was pretty dry until Father G messaged the group with a potential job. He sent them the address of The Pavilion and to ask for a Miss Brightside. So Ace and Brenda headed out to the hotel. After speaking with the receptionist they found Miss Brightside by the pool. Looking around it was easy to tell that this was once a luxury hotel but as Orks and Trolls started moving in the people with money moved out. There was a bachelorette party going on and there were quite a few people in the pool. On the far side of the room Brightside could be seen in a large hot tub that could sit at least 6 people. She looked to be a little over 30 with straight blonde hair that went to her jaw, blue eyes, and was fairly attractive if you could ignore the scars of course.

Ace walked up extended his hand and offered her a towel. Brightside gave him a warm smile and said “Get in so we can get down to business” Ace was a little bashful however and mumbled something about forgetting his bathing suit. While Brenda gestured to her chair incredulously. Brightside shook her head called Ace a pussy and looked at Brenda and said “If you can’t handle getting halfway undressed, lifting yourself over the rim and sitting yourself on a ledge, I don’t imagine you are adaptable enough for this business.”

As Brenda and Ace started procrastinaiting. She started to lose her patience rolling her eyes she began her lecture.

“I’m assuming you’ve got your team looking through your eyes – I’m going to give you a bit of help – Father G tells me you’re new. You don’t want to kill a job before you get it started by being difficult. Which is more important? A payday, or getting your chonies wet? Unless there is a direct safety reason, just play along. If your Johnson is 15 minutes late, keep your cool. If he dicks you around, so what? You can’t pay your team’s medical bills with dumb ass pride. Don’t let him dick you around too much – then you show you don’t have a spine, but never snap at him.

Lesson 2. When choosing a meet, don’t just pick the place that has the ribs you like. Think. I like hot tubs in open hotels. A hotel means that security is going to keep a heavily armed group from getting close. Closest you can get a strike team is down the block. The frothing water is going to play havoc with recording devices. No recorded audio for you. Next, I get a judge of how you react to new and surprising situations. Badly by the way. Very badly. Most importantly? You can’t smuggle a predator V in your panties. So, right now I’ve shown myself to be unarmed, unarmored, and have no backup, and here you two are being shifty, trying to get an angle on me she looks at Brenda and slipping off to hide your sawed off shotty in the toilet tank. she looks at Ace.

“Nobody is going to get pissy because you tried to sneak a bit of heat into a meet, but if you get caught be a man and own up to it. I don’t have time to babysit kids.”

Looking bashful Ace and Brenda lowered themselves into the tub and Brightside explained the job. Her team had been screwed over by a Johnson recently. While they were promised a good payday, the Johnson didn’t have the money so he gave them information instead. A shippment would be coming into the Port Of New Orleans at the end of the month straight from Macau. There bringing in medical grade opium, specifically poppy stems and bulbs for DocWagon to process into some proprietary field medicine. Her team would be going into the ship and unloading the boxes. The ship obviously had drones for that, but they would need the docks drones to move them onto a cargo truck. Which is where we come in.

The Port runs an offline Drone Scheduling and Permissions List, which assigns ownership to specific operators depending on the time of day. The problem was that the list was kept completely offline updated at one of the mainframes on the port and then sent out to the drones at midnight. The list is only accepted during a narrow period of a handful of nanoseconds you can’t update the permissions before or after. She needed us to get into the warehouse, get to the terminal, add her people to the ownership list all before midnight. Once everything was updated she needed us to provide a distraction that would give her team enough time to escape without having HTR called in. Everything needed to be done Sunday evening, and with that her Decker sent her comcode. As she got out of the tub she pulled out a combat knife and a FN HAR wrapped a towel around herself and left.

So with the meet all taken care of and a strong reminder of how little they still knew about the Shadows Ace and Brenda left. A few hours after the meet Theodore sent a text out to the group

“Although we were by some stroke of luck successful on our last run, working with a group of people that constantly makes poor decisions will only add unnecessary risk to future jobs. Thus, I have decided that it would be best for me to pursue a new business venture with people with at least half a brain in their head. What I am saying in terms that you can understand is that you are going to get me killed if I stay with you guys, I am out.” -Theo

So now the team found themselves a member short a week before the run. Fortunately Father Grigori had quickly found a replacement. An Ork bounty hunter going by the name Truffles. With a quick introduction Selene asked Brenda to drive Hank and herself out to the docks, and shot Ace a quick text asking him to check things out in the astral while they were there. Ace said he would be busy all day but was more than willing to do it that night.

Upon arriving at the docks they found that they spanned at least 2 and a half miles. With cameras on all 3 gates and fences approximately 15 feet high. There also was a train that went straight through the docks. Selene asked Brenda to pull into a parking lot so Hank could get to work scoping out the Matrix. After a few failed attempts it became pretty obvious that the Host was way above his capabilities to deal with.

While Hank was struggling with the Matrix security Selene figured it would be a good idea to do a quick search on the docks. As it turns out the Docks did tours and the next one was that Saturday. So Brenda, Selene and Hanks signed up.

The tour was clearly geared towards kids and while they stood out a little bit nobody paid them much attention. Well except for Hank who’s love of Propane and Propane accesories clearly confused the tour guide. As they toured the docks Brenda and Selene attempted to plug the tour guide for some information. Of course the guide didn’t divulge any important details. So Selene went off to plant a data tap in the bathroom. Hank now had direct access into the host and quickly went to work.

Hacking in AR so he didn’t draw to much attention to himself. He easily found the employee map of the place and decided to hunt around for some extra paydata. Looking around he found the shipping ledger and cracked it easily. It would probably wouldn’t sell for that much though so he started looking for some blackmail material. Which would of course be found in the payroll for the docks. After disarming a databomb and cracking the file he made a copy and jacked out.

Later that day Selene suggested the team all actually get together to come up with a plan since talking over comms was extremely inefficient. Ace generously offered his own home. So they all met at Ace’s small apartment and put their heads together to figure out how to get to the mainframe. With fences and cameras surrounding the docks it was going to be difficult to just walk in the front gate. So Selene suggested they go train surfing. A matrix search later they found several spots they could board the train. Brenda wasn’t keen on jumping the train so she said she would meet them there and dropped them off on the bridge so they could all jump.

Selene went first landing hard but quickly springing up to her feet. Truffles followed and left a decent sized dent in the train. Roy was next and almost fell but he certainly felt the jump in his bones. Ace summoned up a spirit to lower Hank down… Of course Earth spirits tend to give no fucks and he just jumped. Hank was fine but the train now had an even bigger dent in the car. Saving the best for last Ace Ronin movie superstar jumped next. For the second time in his brief Shadowrunning career his life flashed before his eyes. He barely held on to the train but he lost his bag with his katana.

Selene shouted over the roar that she was going to find a compartment to hide out in and ran off with Truffles following. Truffles lowered her down and she managed to quickly pick the lock into one of the compartments while hanging upside down and bouncing back and forth. Though really it was all because of the autopicker she had. The team then settled into the compartment and waited till they were there.

To be Continued…….

Session 4: 9/6/2015
July 28th 2075

The train shot through the storm with the team safe inside one of the compartments. They arrived an hour later, and donned their disguises . Well everyone except Truffles. Everyone grabbed some boxes and hopped off, until one of the dock workers noticed Truffles didn’t have a safety vest. I’m sure the worker regretted questioning him when Truffles fist connected with the back of his head. Grabbing the workers vest and stuffing him in a crate he headed back to the group.

Selene suggested that the others go check out the cranes and see which would give them the best distraction, while she checked out the building with the drone computer.

So she set off by herself and found that the building was two stories and there was only one camera on the outside covering the door. Though there were several windows that lead to offices and conference halls. She wondered if she could make the jump onto the roof from the surrounding crates, and while she most likely could make the jump decided it wasn’t worth the risk with the rain.

Meanwhile Ace lead the rest of the group to the crane. They decided the best one to use would be on the south side since Brightside’s team would be hitting a ship to the north. So of course Ace lead them to the North… and then Truffles lead them back to the south. They wound up having 3 cranes to chose from, the only problem was that they were all being used. So Hank went back into the host through the data tap they planted the day before and found the work schedule for that night. Fortunately the people working at one of the cranes would be going on break at midnight.

With that done everyone found there way back together and Selene called up Brenda to see were she was. Brenda was parked outside and said she planned on bribing her way in. So she pulled up to the gate and the guard asked for authorization number. Brenda gave the simple response of 500 nuygen. After a moment of silence they waved her in. He walked up and held out his hand. Brenda looked at him dumb founded for a moment and asked for is account number so she could wire it to him. The guards jaw dropped stunned. After he recovered he rolled his eyes and asked for 1000. In the end Brenda dropped it to 800 a small price for a lesson learned, always carry credsticks.

Brenda met up with the rest of the group but they still had 2 and a half hours to kill until Brightside messaged them the names they needed to upload. So Selene decided it was time to find some extra money for them to make. Hank and Selene put their heads together and started going through the shipping manifest they stole the other day. Selene suggested they go after magical items as they were less likely to be traceable as far as she knew. Yet Roy really wanted to hit one of the syndicates. Selene shot that idea down pretty quickly saying that the magical items from Wuxing would be harder to trace and it was practically a guarantee they would be valuable where stealing from the syndicates would be a crapshoot since who knew what they were shipping.

With that settled Roy and Ace flew over to the ship in the astral and eventually slipped through the ward. They returned an hour later with a rough idea of a crate they could steal. Brenda drove them over and Truffles, Selene, and Roy grabbed a trolley and headed onto the ship. Ace decided to stay behind something about being afraid of water.

They found there way to the container with no problems and Selene quickly popped the combination lock and a few minutes later the pallet was loaded. Though the container wasn’t empty yet. So they decided to make 2 trips. The way back was no trouble at all. Yet as they got closer Selene and Truffles heard 2 people shouting some gibberish in Cantonese. Selene motioned for them to fall back but one of them clearly saw Roy and Truffle’s shadow after some more shouting and finger pointing he headed over. Selene tried to get them to follow her but the second the man rounded the corner Truffles fist connected with his head. Truffles charged around the corner to the second china man with Selene right on his tail. Truffles ducked down low and kicked him straight in the jaw while doing a back flip. Selene was much less graceful and cracked him back in the face sending him to the ground with a thunk. They loaded up the second trolley and Selene through the 2 Asians into the crate and locked it. Roy charged at her with a roar. Screaming about killing innocent people he grabbed her and put her in a choke hold. She tried to explain herself but her explanations fell on deaf ears so Truffles moved in and separated them. Roy seemed to calm down after that and they headed back to the van.

With there bonus properly secured they each headed to their own objectives. Selene decided that all she needed was Hank and the others could do more good at the crane. Especially since Brenda needed Truffles to carry her up to the control rig on the crane.

As Selene and Hank made there way to the drone control building they ran into a slight snag. A spanish ork and his 2 buddies were making their way down to the water and as they passed Hank the ork boasted about how he was sending money back to Aztlan so his father could open a taco stand here in New Orleans. Well Hank was not taking that sitting down and roared all the racial obscenities he knew at the young Ork. A battle of racial slurs soon followed and one of his friends typed something out on his commlink. Selene rushed after Hank and tried to calm the situation down, she dealt with this pretty often after all. Claiming Hank was drunk she offered the guy her credstick to just let it go. Of course being a scumbag Aztlaner he pocketed it and continued the assualt. Well no one steals from Selene thats her job after all, so she decked him in the face…. just as security turned the corner.

Trying to be proactive she started screaming that this dirty Aztlaner stole her credstick and was trying to run away. The security guards didn’t buy it however, and ordered Selene and Hank to put their hands on their heads and back down. Taking a moment to think Selene played docile hoping they wouldn’t pat her down. The guard snapped the cuffs on and of course started the pat down. She almost got away but then the guards hand brushed one of her pistols. As he reached to take it she quickly slipped the cuffs pulled both her pistols and shot both guards, while Hank shot the third. After one more shot from Selene the other guard went down. In 3 seconds all of the security was down, 1 dead and 2 unconscious, and Hank marched towards the Aztlaner. He put his Super Warhawk right against his balls and ordered him to march to the end of the pier where he had him strip naked and jump in the river. As the Ork swam he fired off a few shots and yelled at him to keep swimming till he got back to Aztlan. Selene relived the 2 other guys of their commlinks, cuffed them and gagged them with the guards socks and shoved them all in a nearby shipping container. For the first time that night she loved that there was a storm

With that little distraction taken care of Selene lead Hank up to the building as quiet as possible and cut open one of the windows that went into an office. Hank jacked in to the office terminal and noticed there were 4 cameras inside. Using them he found the room Selene needed to get to. There was only one guy inside working on the computer. So Hank lopped the necessary cameras and Selene headed upstairs. Opening the door as quiet as she could she saw the man leaning over the computer screen and charged him with a quick one two punch he was down. Hank forgot to loop the camera in that room however and quickly covered her ass. She input the correct information in seconds and went back out the way they came.

Meanwhile Roy was fashioning a harness for Brenda so she wouldn’t fall as Truffles carried her up the crane. Being an Ork he had no trouble with the frail Elf on his back and got up in no time. Though Brenda had never used a crane in her entire life and neglected to read up on even the basic function. Still she had a control rig so she managed… rather poorly. Swinging crates wildly she smashed up several boxes until one of them smashed open, and around 40 mad as fuck cows came charging out stampeding around the dock. Brenda figured that was mission accomplished and had Truffles carry her back down.

After rendezvousing with Selene and Hank they waited for Brightsides call to tell them they got what they came for. They received the call but it definitely wasn’t the call they were hoping for. As it turns out the ship Brightside was hitting was owned by the Triads and they were shipping several crates full of people on it. Suffice to say drek hit the air filtration device and they needed us to get the manual override key for the drones so we could load up the truck while they dealt with the triads. They sent us the location of the key hung up.

Brenda sped to the office and pulling up they spotted 2 security guards, after a brief argument with Roy Truffles and Selene decided to just charge them so Roy followed them as they jumped out of the van. They took the 2 guards out but sadly one was on the radio with the contracted HTR team. Selene ran into the building to find the override key but first she spotted a magnificent painting, clearly Asian. It seemed to be painted by the Great Dragonlord Lung, one of the leaders of the Triads here in New Orleans. It was to beautiful to pass up though so Selene took it anyway.

They sped off to the boat and with they key Brenda finished loading up Brightsides haul. As soon as the last crate was in they called Brightside. The truck sped off out of the dock as Brightside screamed for back up they were pinned down in a warehouse by the Triads and while they had an escape plan they need help with the fuckers.

So once again Brenda sped off into the rain with lightning, gun fire, drones, spirits, and screams all around them they rushed too their employeers aide.


Session 5: 9/13/15
July 29th 2075

With Brenda’s great driving the team arrived at the warehouse that Brightside was trapped in. Hank scanned for smart links and found around 20 active guns around the entrance. Roy summoned an air spirit and had it lift him on top of the shipping crate the group was hiding behind to try to get a better look at the situation. However with all the rain it was hard for him to figure anything out. Truffles tried to creep down the middle to catch them by surprise when Roy shot a fireball down on them. Selene moved around to try to flank from the left.

Well it was a decent idea, until Truffles took a bullet in the side. Which activated his berserker mode. Brightside’s team were holding their own. A well placed chaotic world incapacitated several of the Triads. Which was then followed up with a fletchette grenade. Taking out several of them. Sadly it did not take out the mages or the 4 air spirits who responded in kind.

Moving further up the container Roy spotted 2 snipers laying on top of the container. He quickly gunned them down and prepared to cast his fireball, when another sniper round found itself in his abdomen. Selene was finally able to pinpoint him and put an AR mark on his location. Truffles in a drug induced rage charged charged the remaining mage and turned her into pulp with a swift punch to the face. The Triad standing next to her pissed his pants and dropped his gun. Roy sent his air spirit down to help Truffles deal with the pissed off Triads that were turning his way.

Meanwhile Brightside and friends were still fighting for their lives. Sadly they were simply outnumbered Brightside was holding her own yet her team was slowly falling all around her. Still they managed to get another grenade off (I think?) taking out several, and the lower level Triads started to make a break for it. As Hank put one down the sniper Selene spotted lowered his rifle at Roy again. But as he fired his leg slipped out from him and he shot one of his own people, and managed to roll of the shipping container. As Truffles turned to take on his next victim he saw Roy’s Air spirit get obliterated from a massive combat axe. Attached to that axe was an equally large Troll hefting the axe in one hand and a riot shield in the other. With a roar he charged her, with a massive swing that could cave in walls. Well at least if he hit his target, he stumbled and left his back exposed.

With the Triads running and Brightside “handling” the spirits things were looking okay for the Prime and green runners. Until the Drones came. Hank had no idea what hit him as two Steel Lynxes drove out of the shadows and turned him into swiss cheese. Roto-drones quickly made a perimeter and found Roy all alone on the shipping container. Their shotguns tore into him taking chunks of flesh out. As he collapsed to his knees, gunfire all around him, his blood pooling at his feet one thing crossed his mind.

“I am throwing this fucking fireball!”

Drawing on way more power than he could possibly handle he launched a massive ball of fire at the 2 Steel Lynxes. Which promptly exploded. The last thing Roy saw was their smoldering remains, and the large squad of HTR still running towards the fight.

Truffles completely unaware of everything besides his current fight, turned to meet the troll head on. Her axe caught him in the chest before he could deliver the blow that would end the fight. Though he got the last laugh as soon as he collapsed to the pavement a controlled burst caught the Troll right in the face.

While HTR swept the perimeter Brightside found herself the last one standing with 3 air spirits in her face. She then found herself inside one of the said air spirits, unable to breathe her eyes closed as a knife planted itself in her neck.

With death all around her Selene took her revenge on the sniper who crippled her team, cursed Hank one final time, said her good byes and ran. She considered running and never looking back, leaving the Shadows and going home. She couldn’t though there were still several people she owed way to much, and she wasn’t thinking about nuygen. She could still do this, she had too. She wasn’t the one who fucked up after all.

When the HTR team came across Truffles he was still breathing, barely. They stabilized him and through him right into lock up. Funny enough the big tough Ork was pretty easy to crack. For a lower security ward he quickly gave up all the details. He told them where they could find Ace’s apartment, about how Father Grigori set them up with the job and what they were there to do. As it turns out an Ork combat junkie does quite well in prison.

While Ace was able to escape thanks to Truffles the NOPD was easily able to find where he lived. Ace was able to get out he lost everything.

Things were worse for Brenda however. Ace didn’t have much to lose Brenda on the other hand had a lot. You see the NOPD eventually found their way to Brendas job. Thank god her company had several wheel chair accessible entrances otherwise there would of been no way she got out. Still while not behind bars herself she now found herself with no job, homeless, and with a very angry sister to feed.



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