The Big Easy

Fail To Win

Session 2 8/23/15

June 20th 2075

After giving the team a week to lick their wounds Father Grigori contacted them with their next job. On paper it was a standard protection detail. Word on the street was that the Red Word Boys were going to attack a garden party happening on the 29th. The catch was that any gunshots would be considered a failure. The Garden party was a charity event being hosted by a well known actor who had made a documentary about his life in the Lower 9th and wanted to try to clean it up. Of course the area they wanted to start on was right in the Red Word Boys territory.

So the team picked their brains and tried to find out as much as possible about the Red Word Boys. It seemed that even though they had been around for roughly 17 years they were not big or influential. Yet they did seem to have a high concentration of Adepts. Which was very odd as most Adepts in the Lower 9th tend to get out quickly thanks to their specialized skills.

The group decided that the best way to stop an attack on the party would be to hit them preemptively. Of course they couldn’t take on an entire gang so they decided the best course of action would be to find a few of their hang out spots.

So Selene head out into their territory to try to get the lay of the land. After walking around for the better part of a day she stumbled across a house that seemed a little out of place. It had an extremely loud and obnoxious car in the driveway but the house was very well maintained. So she took a quick picture of the car and the house and went on her way.

When she returned home she asked Hank if he would mind doing some matrix searches on the property to see who owned it. An hour or so later he returned from the Matrix with the tax records for the property. It was owned by Sheryl M Vera, a 49 year old women who owns multiple properties in the Lower 9th practically all in the Red Word Boys territory.

The next place she checked was the park where the Garden Party would be taking place. It was a very nice park with an inner courtyard that was used for parties. Private parties were offered but the majority were public. She checked the registry on their website and saw that a private function was planned for the day before the Garden party. She forwarded all the information she found to the rest of the group.

Most of the group believed the house had more answers for them as clearly there was someone of some import living there. So Roy and Brenda set out to check the place out. Roy attempted to check the building out in the Astral and found a ward around the building. But for some reason he could not pass through. So instead Brenda released her Fly-Spy but it couldn’t find a way inside the building. So Roy went and knocked on the door asking for recyclables. The man that answered added even more confusion to the situation. He was a fairly tall Ork immaculately dressed in a suit and tie. He empathized with Roy and offered him a meal and all the recyclables he had lying around. Brenda flew her Fly inside as Roy headed inside.

The Ork was very kind even offering Roy a place to stay for the night if he needed. Roy declined since he could never get a good nights sleep surrounded by 4 walls. Brenda parked her Fly-Spy on the wall waiting until Roy left. The Ork told Roy he had some more bottles in the garage and ushered Roy inside.

Inside Roy found the exact opposite of a garage. The so called garage was a Magical Lodge that seemed to belong to a Shaman following the Seducer. Inside were 2 Red Word Boys. Roy quickly realized he was in a horrible position, infront of him were to gangers and behind him was the charming Ork. Roy turned and tried to pull the Ork into a grapple to use him as a human shield. But Roy was not strong enough and he pulled free effortlessly. The Ork simply looked at him and Roy pissed himself and passed out in terror.

A few hours later Brenda started to grow concerned that Roy hadn’t left the house even though she spotted some gangers leaving. She got on the comm and contacted the rest of the team. She shared the video feed from her drone and the group after some searched on the Matrix found that he was known as Allan Wolfe.

He seemed to be a reputable businessman who was independently wealthy. He even donated to several charities in the last few months for to help out the youth in the Lower 9th. Although a few years ago there was some minor charges brought against him for narcotics possession and smuggling, but that case seemed to disappear.

It all seemed very very strange so Brenda flew her drone around to try to listen in on some conversations. All she heard was some talk in a language she had never heard before. But Ace Ronin was able to piece together the garbled conversation to realize they were talking about some kind of ritual. She tried to pilot the drone around to get some more information but when she went through a vent her Fly was promptly zapped and it popped. Turns out the vents had electric currents to destroy DNA and pesky bugs.

After suffering some dump shock she called the group back and gave them the bad news. Theodore just said fuck it and decided to just go up to the house and say he was looking for his friend. Though Selene wanted to wait for Brenda to be feeling better incase shit hit the fan.

So the next day operation ‘Save Roy Again’ went into action. At around 12PM Theodore walked up to the door while Selene snuck around to the backyard. Once again Allan answered the door though this time he seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. Theodore asked him if he had seen his friend Roy who had been hunting for recyclables in this area. Allan claimed that he did see Roy and had even offered him a place to stay for the night but Roy had freaked out threw his commlink at the wall and bolted. While it did seem like something Roy would do Theo could tell something was up, and that Allan was clearly hiding something. While this conversation was going on Selene tried to break into the back. Though in a fit of stupidity she didn’t think a home in such a poor neighborhood would have an alarm. But thanks to her sound filter she heard the alarm and bolted. At that point Allan apologized to Theo and shut the door in his face.

When Roy woke up that morning he found himself content for the first time in a long time, though he was extremely hungry. He had a very interesting dream where he sat in a great dining room with Allan eating quite possibly the best pork chop he had ever tasted. Thinking nothing of it Roy looked around the room, his new prison, and quickly came to the conclusion that he was screwed. Allan entered the room a few minutes later. All Roy asked was “Why”. Allan simply said that something seemed off about Roy and that he couldn’t have anyone distracting him in the next few days. Though Allan did apologize and told him that he would let him go in about a week with some nuygen to buy a new commlink and that of course he would be fed. With that he left and just like he said an hour later a ganger came and brought Roy his meal.

Well it was clear to the team that Roy was still inside, and they planned on coming back later that night. Yet Ace Ronin was not satisfied with Roy’s Astral recon and decided to do a bit himself. He found the very same Ward that Roy had yet after an award winning smile he walked right through it. Inside he found quite a bit of emotion most of it was satisfaction yet underlying it all was a very strong hunger. As he was passing through the kitchen he spotted Allan who turned with a very surprised look on his face and charged him. He ripped Ace Ronin’s soul to pieces.

Yet by some miracle his ragged soul managed to make its way back to his body. Back in the car his eyes popped open and Selene, Hank, and Theodore were treated to his screams as blood burst from his mouth. Within moments he fell into a coma. At this point the remaining 3 members of the team were terrified of that house. So after dropping Ace Ronin’s body back at his house they decided that messing with Allan Wolfe was a horrible idea as he seemed to be an extremely powerful mage.

So Theodore, Brenda, Selene, and Hank attended the party in an attempt to salvage the job. They were tense the entire night yet the attack never came. It seemed that they had shaken up Allan enough that he had called off the attack and moved his operation.



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