The Big Easy

The Chains of Saint Peter

Session 6: 9/20
August 10th 2075

Things were not looking so great for the group of amateur runners. Brenda lost almost everything she had and knew that her RCC was going to lead to her being tracked down. She also found it impossible to pay her debts, and fearing for her life she called Selene to ask for a loan. Ace Ronnin had lost his home and his magical lodge. Selene, well she didn’t lose much of anything, besides one of her best friends.

Suffice to say Father Grigori was not very happy with them and was not planning on ever calling them again. But as luck would have it someone came to him with a job and he needed to pull a team together quick. So he contacted the team along with the remnants of the another team that had almost been wiped out. He told everyone to meet at the church.

Selene arrived early and hid herself so she could check out these new people. One was clearly a Ghoul who went by Leon, yet unlike most he gave off an awful feeling. He gave off the vibe of being feral yet seemed in complete control. The other newcomer was a fairly well dressed Black man with flowing long hair who introduced himself as Juice, a nickname given by his old team. He had an air of superiority about himself, clearly well educated.

Brenda and Ace arrived a little after. Ace looked perfectly fine as if nothing horrible had happened last week. On the other hand Brenda looked like hell, her clothes were a little ragged and starting to tear and she smelt as if she had been living in her van the past week.

With the introductions out of the way Father Grigori explained what he needed them for. But not before berating them for fucking up so bad. despite Ace’s apologies. Despite his doubts Grigori needed them to meet with a Paul Angelo, a dwarf who was visiting out of the Vatican. Grigori had worked with them in the past but he needed a little more clout since he had some competition, some asshole fire and brimstone preacher. So the group was to meet Mr Angelo at the 6 Spirits on the 13th at 6:30, he also reminded them to dress appropriately as it was a 3 star restaurant. Selene took Brenda out shopping adding the cost of the new dress to Brenda’s growing debt.

Selene left early calling herself a cab so her new clothing wouldn’t get messed up. She settled down at the bar and waited for Mr Angelo, and the rest of the team to show up. Leon was the next to show, of course with his “complexion” the maitredi stopped him at the door asking him to wait off in the corner. Leon however insisted on getting a drink so the maitredi called over an escort for him. He sat down at the bar right next to Selene, who quickly excused herself to the bathroom. Ace showed up right after Leon, yet for some reason the maitredi gave him a very hard time asking him to stand around the corner. A look of understanding came over his face and he asked were the bathroom was. The maitredi directed him to a small employee bathroom next to the kitchens. When he returned the maitredi looked even more confused but when Ace mentioned the reservation for Mr Angelo he let him through to the bar. Juice was let in without any trouble. But for some reason they stopped Brenda who was the last to arrive. The reservation had been made for Mr Angelo plus 5 other people, and the maitredi claimed everyone but Mr Angelo was present. Selene and Ace walked over and claimed she was part of the party. At that the maitredi looked slightly nervous, and the bouncer watching Leon left him to his own devices and walked off.

They were all escorted to the table at 6:30 and enjoyed a lovely dinner, all real food of course. Mr Angelo, a rather gruff dwarf with a Glasgow Smile made small talk, he seemed to be very no nonsense with a dry sense of humor, he had definitely been in some type of war. After everyone was finished eating he explained why he was in New Orleans. He came representing the Vatican tracking down a group of thieves. The thieves had stolen the Chains of Saint Peter from the Basilica, a very powerful magical artifact that supposedly allowed the owner to walk through walls. The thieves managed to escape and the Vatican had been tracking them since. The group seemed to all be infected of some sort, but they had little information besides that. They estimated that there was somewhere between 4-100 members currently. Though Paul Angelo said it was more likely closer to 4. The reason they thought the group was here in NO was apparently there were several recent high profile thefts over the past 4 months were the only way the items could be stolen was if someone could walk through walls. Mr Angelo claimed that this thief had recently stolen Cain’s Bludgeon another magical artifact from a traveling museum, along with breaking into multiple corporate enclosures, and multiple documents from several political figures who seemed very opposed to giving those affected by HMVV rights. Mr Angelo clearly seemed to agree with those politicians claiming that those soulless monsters could never deserve rights, much to Leon’s aggravation. He had very little information to offer only mentioning that there best bet was to check out Otto’s Shrunken Head an infected bar near the Yakuza’s territory.

Mr Angelo offered 3 tiers of payment for the job. Killing the infected responsible would only get them 15k, however if they were able to kill them without tying it to the church they would receive 65k. Now while unlikely if they were able to recover the Chains of Saint Peter well an Ebony Credstick just might be in their future. At that everyone’s eyes popped out of their heads. With that generous offer everyone accepted the job, after all they really needed that money and the chance to get 1,000,000 nuyen was impossible to resist.

Session 7 10/4
August 16th-17th 2075

With only one lead to go on everyone decided that Leon, Ace Ronin, and Selene would be their best shot at getting information at Otto’s Shrunken Head. Though without names searching for information would be difficult. Looking at the recent thefts Mr Angelo claimed they had commited however it seemed the thieves were part of or at least working for the HMVV Rights Movement. So the best way to find these thieves was to infiltrate the movement itself.

Leon and Ace went out to the bar that Friday. They were not able to get in touch with Selene so they went without her. Leon figured as a ghoul it would not be to hard to join the movement and Ace was fairly charming. After ordering some food and drink at the bar Ace struck up a conversation with the bartender. The bartender did not seem willing to give up any information to the Oni and even after Leon chimed in simply told them to go join some the protests if they wanted to help out so much. Leon was not a ‘man’ to take no for an answer and after some more pushes the bartender told them to go find Santiago in the kitchens.

In the kitchens they found a gaunt hairless man skinning a gator and Santiago. Leon told them of his desire to help out the movement in a more direct fashion and Santiago lead them out the backdoor. Santiago asked what sort of work they were looking for, and Leon mentioned that he was representing a group of highly skilled individuals; theives, mages, people that could fight. Santiago quickly pegged them as runners and asked what happened to their fixer. Though he quickly changed topics and asked what sort of team would run with a Wendigo and a Ghoul. Leon looked around very confused while Santiago started explaining how Wendigos were made and asked how he became one. Ace growled at him to shut up and Santiago quickly closed his mouth. Just as Leon’s fist connected with Ace Ronin’s face. Ace looked at Leon unfazed said fuck this and walked away, as Santiago started walking back inside. Leon though was not letting this go, and got in Santiago’s face cutting off his retreat. Showing his feral side he asked for names. Santiago had no clue what kind of names he wanted so Leon asked about the thieves. He told him about Lander Wou a fence who might know of these thieves. As Leon turned to leave however Santiago asked for his commlink, and Leon walked back and handed it over no questions asked.

Leon called one of his contacts; a beat cop in the local area named Vivi. Luckily she knew just who he was and told him where to find his apartment. So Leon called up everyone though he still couldn’t get in touch with Selene or Brenda. Grumbling Leon Juice and Ace went themselves.

Lander Wou lived in an apartment building clearly in Triad territory. In fact upon arriving there was a lot of graffiti clearly written over a Yakuza tag, even worse all of it had horrible horrible grammar. Leon and Juice were so offended that they had to stop at the Stuffer Shack so they could get some spray paint. Ace tried to talk some sense into them but quickly gave up and went up to Lander’s apartment. Ace knocked several times but nobody came to the door. Eventually Juice and Leon came up and knocked the door down.

They found the apartment dead quiet, some half eaten food on the counter. It looked as if someone warned Lander and he ran off. Until they found him naked as the day he was born, pinned to his bed with a silver stake through his heart.

Looking around the room Juice found that there was clearly a fight, bathroom door was off its hinges (oddly made of real wood), there was a silver dagger underneath a pillow and one high heel was left behind. While Leon searched the bedroom Ace checked the kitchen and living room. Whoever Lander was meeting with clearly did not like the food as one plate was completely untouched and oddly they ate in the living room and not at the wooden table. Though at the door a Cavalier Falchion was rigged about shin height filled with silver and wood buckshot.Meanwhile Leon had spotted a store room of sorts the door was clearly stronger than the door they had bust through yet it was still hanging by the hinges. Inside Leon found a mess of firearms, old comms, electronics, ornate pieces of art, infected memorabilia, silver bullets, daggers, stakes, jewelry. It was clear someone had been through yet deemed most of it bellow their notice. Though behind a rather large crate was a rather distinctive lock box made of redwood and silver, locked with an 8 digit combination lock. They packed up all the loot they could carry along with Lander’s commlink and the lock box, wiped their prints and left the scene of the crime. As they left Leon gave Vivi a call to cover his ass in case the officer later heard Lander was dead.

Session 8: 10/11
August 17th-20th 2075

With Lander dead the only lead the team had was his commlink and the lock box. Yet they still had not been able to get in touch with Selene. So Leon started looking for someone who could crack the commlink. Eventually he settled on some one in the Yakuza who said he could find someone to crack it, he neglected to mention a price but said it would take a few days.

On the 19th Selene finally returned and after noticing the 50 missed calls on her commlink gave Ace Ronin a call. He gave her the low-down on the situation and what she missed, he actually didn’t seem very concerned about where she was. When she got off the phone with Ace she called up Juice and asked for everyone to meet up. To put it lightly Juice and Leon were not very happy that Selene was missing. They immediately demanded to know where she was and what they hell she was doing. She said that she was out trying to find the Chains of Saint Peter, but ended up getting caught along the way. Though she managed to figure out that The Chains are definitely in the city and are being held by a vampire who lives in Bywater. Juice and Leon thought something was off about her story, all she really told them that they hadn’t heard at the Johnson meet was that he was in Bywater. She also conveniently glossed over where she was. They pressed the issue but Ace spoke up in her defense claiming that I don’t need to know anything about the way she gets her information, they’ve been through some shit and he trusts her not to screw them over. Leon was not happy with that however and kept threatening to kick her out of the group. Juice was more hesitant and finally settled on asking if what happened to her would affect this run and get them all killed. " Of course not" said Selene and he left it at that.

With all the bickering and distrust out of the way Selene asked for the lock box, which she opened in about 3 seconds. Inside there was a little black spiral notebook, with a bunch of names and numbers (Most likely Burners). Reading through she quickly figured out Lander’s code. It was pretty basic V stood for vampire G for Ghoul, but there were some purchases made with an H next to them. They mostly seemed to be anti infected things, stakes, silver bullets, etc. It seemed to her that the H probably stood for Humanis. But she focused back on the job at hand and started looking at the Vs, in the last 4 months 15 vampires had either bought or sold something from him, 11 of those were sellers, and 3 seemed to be female. It seemed likely that 1 of those 3 killed him. One was a Jane A Garcia who Lander knew to be a pickpocket, next was Vivian Bravo a Loan Shark, and the last was Karen Le’Flore a second story-man someone who specializes in high rise theft. Karen seemed to be the most likely so Leon started asking his contacts if they knew anything about her.

Meanwhile his contact in the Yakuza managed to crack the commlink. It seemed he had several booty calls he was regularly with, one of them being Karen Le’Flore. Leon was already looking for her and managed to track her down to a Coffin Motel in the Arts District. Sadly due to his Ghoul like appearance Leon was not welcome in the Arts District which is one of the big tourist spots in the city. So Juice came up with the idea of turning Selene into a cat so she could go investigate. It sounded like fun to her so she agreed. So Juice turned her into a cat and they walked over to the Arts district. But a stray cat wandering around a nice part of town tends to draw animal control. When she saw them she bolted for an alley way. Jumping and climbing over a fence. The catchers managed to corner her, but as one swung down the net she jumped on it, jumped on his head and started sprinting down the alley. The other pulled out a dart gun and started shooting. Much to his surprise this cat seemed to be a ninja as none of his shots connected. While Selene managed to get away it took her around 4 hours to find her way back to Juice as the city can be quite confusing when your a tiny cat after all. So all in all not much was accomplished, well besides Juice getting to see Selene naked when her turned her back.

With their fun done they figured being in person wouldn’t be that big of a liability. So Selene and Juice staked out her motel with Leon waiting a few miles away in another district. They managed to follow her out as she went to the local Stuffer Shack and bought some luggage towels, soaps, disinfectant. It seemed like she planned on leaving pretty soon. Loath to start a fight in the Arts district they simply tailed her back to the motel. She came back out and hailed a cap. Selene cursed to herself and ran up asking to share the cab, but Karen said she needed to room for all her bags got in and left. She slapped a stealth tag on the cab as it left but there was to much Noise for her to track it. Defeated Selene and juice left.

Though Leon was not willing to let her go and texted her from Lander’s commlink saying “I am from the NOPD, I know you murdered Lander Woo, Come and meet me at (place holder). This is your chance to get out of this scott-free. I need information you have and I’m willing to make a deal, if your not willing to play ball I’m prepared to put your vampire mist sucking ass in jail, and trust me, you won’t last a week.”

“What do you want to know?” responded Karen.

Leon asked why she killed Lander, and apparently Karen had found out he was cheating on her with a bunch of other girls. Not really caring about Lander he asked if she knew anything about the thieves stealing blackmail information lately. She didn’t know much but told him they were called the Basset Crew.

With Karen gone Selene figured she should head back to Otto’s Shrunken Head. She didn’t put much faith in Leon and Ace’s ability to actually get information. She was something of a regular at Otto’s. She checked in with the bouncer Hugo asked how he was doing, and then sat herself at the bar. Otto came up asked if she wanted a drink, she nodded but then remembered she was completely broke and just asked for water. She gave Otto a sob story about how the cops kicked her ass locked her up and robbed her and asked if he knew of any work. Taking her as just another girl looking to be a waitress he said he didn’t have anything open right now. She considered being subtle but flat out told him that she used to be a thief over in Europe she told him of a few of her heists but since coming to New Orleans she had fallen on hard times. He considered for a moment and gave her a commcode and told her to ask for Steph.

Session 9: 10/19/2015
August 20th 2075

Steph messaged Selene back asking her to meet at an abandoned Go Kart place about 3 miles outside of the city. So she called Juice up and started running a matrix search on the place. They really couldn’t find much since it had been abandoned since the matrix crash. With so little information Juice suggested they all go just in case shit went south. Leon picked everyone up and drove everyone out.

Leon was able to find an old hunting blind that was pretty well hidden, and went the extra mile to buy some camouflage blankets to cover himself. Meanwhile Juice and Ace Ronin found an old barn and parked inside, waiting in the astral in case things went wrong.

With everyone in position Selene sent a message to Steph saying she was there. No one answered. Five minutes later something appeared right in front of her. It looked a lot like an elf, but instead of fingernails it had scythe-like talons, and rows of incredibly sharp teeth. But that wasn’t the most unsettling part. Selene had been watching to see who was coming but even still the creature caught her by surprise. Even worse she had no idea what it was despite knowing a lot about infected people.

Well Steph didn’t waste time and grabbed Selenes arm pulling her out of Leon’s line of sight. On the plus side she didn’t break her skin, though now she was only inches away from those really sharp teeth. Steph told Selene to call off her friends, though it was more of a hiss than actual words. Selene was pretty caught off guard and asked her what friends? Well apparently Steph didn’t like that answer and pulled her arm back to claw off Selene’s face. With death staring her in the face Selene managed to pull her arm free and jump back but it wasn’t enough as Steph’s claw raked through her arm. In a rage Steph charged her, even though Selene was more prepared this time Steph’s claws still came way to close to her face.

Fortunately Selene had managed to get back into Leon’s line of sight. Leon realized that things were not going so well. Now that he had a clear shot he put a very nice sized hole in Steph’s head. Right after he took the shot he heard footsteps approaching his little perch. He dropped his rifle and leveled his shotgun at the ladder ready to blow the head off the first thing he saw.

Back at the barn Leon and Ace heard the gun shot and went to investigate in the astral. Leaving their bodies behind they saw one aura that was clearly fading and one that was infected with a disease. They also saw 2 auras heading towards what could only be Leon, and 2 more rushing to the barn. They quickly returned to their bodies inside the car, and Ace prepared to launch a lightning ball at the barn doors. Two creatures rushed inside stumbled the lightning ball crashed into them and charged the car. One reached through the window Ace had lowered to cast his spell and managed to claw off a nice piece of flesh. The other jumped on the hood and began hammering the windshield. Juice through a stun bolt at it while his guardian spirit tried to hit it with a bolt of lightning which it easily dodged. Already losing consciousness from casting spells and with this thing trying to pull his head off, Ace Ronin channeled all the mana he could into a lightning bolt. He blasted it straight into the wall charring most of its skin. The one trying to break through the windshield realized that she was pretty much fucked and ran. As fast as these things were Juice was way faster in the astral. So he chased her down raining stun bolts on her until she went finally succumbed and passed out.

Meanwhile the first of Leon’s victims came over the ladder and came face to face with the barrel of his shotgun. The second one coming up took some shrapnel as his buddies head exploded into a red mist and figured it was time to leave. Leon switched back to his rifle and put one right in his back dropping him.

While everyone was fighting Selene put three rounds into Steph’s head to make sure she didn’t come back. Though now she had a serious problem, she was obviously infected. While Selene was a fan of the infected and sympathetic to their cause being turned into something she didn’t understand with the possibility of going feral scared the shit out of her. But the job came first she told everyone to take the bodies and cash them in for the bounty. Obviously Juice was the most obvious choice but he really didn’t want to go to the police so Leon called someone up and convinced her to trade the bounties for us. Leon packed up his car and left everyone back at the go kart track.

Selene was ready to accept her fate with no way to get back to the city in time and no money to pay for a visit to the ER she was pretty much screwed. She sent some messages to her friends telling them she wouldn’t be coming back. But Ace offered her a different solution. If she let him drain her essence she would be turned into a vampire instead, which was much more manageable. All she had to do was either let him eat her or eat some human flesh. Well with those two lovely options the choice was pretty clear. Luckily Ace carried around his “food” in a backpack since he still didn’t have a place to live. So Selene made a fire and cooked it hoping it would make it go down a little easier. She gave Ace and Leon her address before she passed out and fell into a coma.

Meanwhile Leon met with his contact and cashed in the bounties bringing the money back to Selene’s apartment. Where the rest of the group waited for her to wake up.

She woke up about 27 hours later coughing up blood. It seemed her new body did not appreciate the cyberware she had, and was rejecting it. In other words trying to push it out of her body. So until she managed to get some imuno-suppressants she would be in constant pain. But the job wasn’t quite done yet, so they called up Mr. Angelo and told him to check the recent bounties and he would find his thieves. If everything was the way they said they would find their money behind a dumpster the following morning.((Forgot what street))

Well they managed to get paid for the job, but Selene was not happy. It seemed to her that this job should of never been this difficult and she blamed the rest of the group for it. So Leon, Juice, and Ace brought up the fact that she was missing for half the job to begin with so they were working with less resources. So she finally told them that she had been in jail that last weekend, but it wouldn’t be a problem now that she was infected. Still she was adamant that things needed to change within the group they couldn’t keep bumbling through jobs hoping that they would succeed by dumb luck. They managed to convince her to stay, but she said that if things didn’t change soon she was gone.

Though now the group found themselves in an awkward position. Who would hire a group of infected runners?

Poppy Milk

Session 3: 8/30/2015

July 24th 2075

Work was pretty dry until Father G messaged the group with a potential job. He sent them the address of The Pavilion and to ask for a Miss Brightside. So Ace and Brenda headed out to the hotel. After speaking with the receptionist they found Miss Brightside by the pool. Looking around it was easy to tell that this was once a luxury hotel but as Orks and Trolls started moving in the people with money moved out. There was a bachelorette party going on and there were quite a few people in the pool. On the far side of the room Brightside could be seen in a large hot tub that could sit at least 6 people. She looked to be a little over 30 with straight blonde hair that went to her jaw, blue eyes, and was fairly attractive if you could ignore the scars of course.

Ace walked up extended his hand and offered her a towel. Brightside gave him a warm smile and said “Get in so we can get down to business” Ace was a little bashful however and mumbled something about forgetting his bathing suit. While Brenda gestured to her chair incredulously. Brightside shook her head called Ace a pussy and looked at Brenda and said “If you can’t handle getting halfway undressed, lifting yourself over the rim and sitting yourself on a ledge, I don’t imagine you are adaptable enough for this business.”

As Brenda and Ace started procrastinaiting. She started to lose her patience rolling her eyes she began her lecture.

“I’m assuming you’ve got your team looking through your eyes – I’m going to give you a bit of help – Father G tells me you’re new. You don’t want to kill a job before you get it started by being difficult. Which is more important? A payday, or getting your chonies wet? Unless there is a direct safety reason, just play along. If your Johnson is 15 minutes late, keep your cool. If he dicks you around, so what? You can’t pay your team’s medical bills with dumb ass pride. Don’t let him dick you around too much – then you show you don’t have a spine, but never snap at him.

Lesson 2. When choosing a meet, don’t just pick the place that has the ribs you like. Think. I like hot tubs in open hotels. A hotel means that security is going to keep a heavily armed group from getting close. Closest you can get a strike team is down the block. The frothing water is going to play havoc with recording devices. No recorded audio for you. Next, I get a judge of how you react to new and surprising situations. Badly by the way. Very badly. Most importantly? You can’t smuggle a predator V in your panties. So, right now I’ve shown myself to be unarmed, unarmored, and have no backup, and here you two are being shifty, trying to get an angle on me she looks at Brenda and slipping off to hide your sawed off shotty in the toilet tank. she looks at Ace.

“Nobody is going to get pissy because you tried to sneak a bit of heat into a meet, but if you get caught be a man and own up to it. I don’t have time to babysit kids.”

Looking bashful Ace and Brenda lowered themselves into the tub and Brightside explained the job. Her team had been screwed over by a Johnson recently. While they were promised a good payday, the Johnson didn’t have the money so he gave them information instead. A shippment would be coming into the Port Of New Orleans at the end of the month straight from Macau. There bringing in medical grade opium, specifically poppy stems and bulbs for DocWagon to process into some proprietary field medicine. Her team would be going into the ship and unloading the boxes. The ship obviously had drones for that, but they would need the docks drones to move them onto a cargo truck. Which is where we come in.

The Port runs an offline Drone Scheduling and Permissions List, which assigns ownership to specific operators depending on the time of day. The problem was that the list was kept completely offline updated at one of the mainframes on the port and then sent out to the drones at midnight. The list is only accepted during a narrow period of a handful of nanoseconds you can’t update the permissions before or after. She needed us to get into the warehouse, get to the terminal, add her people to the ownership list all before midnight. Once everything was updated she needed us to provide a distraction that would give her team enough time to escape without having HTR called in. Everything needed to be done Sunday evening, and with that her Decker sent her comcode. As she got out of the tub she pulled out a combat knife and a FN HAR wrapped a towel around herself and left.

So with the meet all taken care of and a strong reminder of how little they still knew about the Shadows Ace and Brenda left. A few hours after the meet Theodore sent a text out to the group

“Although we were by some stroke of luck successful on our last run, working with a group of people that constantly makes poor decisions will only add unnecessary risk to future jobs. Thus, I have decided that it would be best for me to pursue a new business venture with people with at least half a brain in their head. What I am saying in terms that you can understand is that you are going to get me killed if I stay with you guys, I am out.” -Theo

So now the team found themselves a member short a week before the run. Fortunately Father Grigori had quickly found a replacement. An Ork bounty hunter going by the name Truffles. With a quick introduction Selene asked Brenda to drive Hank and herself out to the docks, and shot Ace a quick text asking him to check things out in the astral while they were there. Ace said he would be busy all day but was more than willing to do it that night.

Upon arriving at the docks they found that they spanned at least 2 and a half miles. With cameras on all 3 gates and fences approximately 15 feet high. There also was a train that went straight through the docks. Selene asked Brenda to pull into a parking lot so Hank could get to work scoping out the Matrix. After a few failed attempts it became pretty obvious that the Host was way above his capabilities to deal with.

While Hank was struggling with the Matrix security Selene figured it would be a good idea to do a quick search on the docks. As it turns out the Docks did tours and the next one was that Saturday. So Brenda, Selene and Hanks signed up.

The tour was clearly geared towards kids and while they stood out a little bit nobody paid them much attention. Well except for Hank who’s love of Propane and Propane accesories clearly confused the tour guide. As they toured the docks Brenda and Selene attempted to plug the tour guide for some information. Of course the guide didn’t divulge any important details. So Selene went off to plant a data tap in the bathroom. Hank now had direct access into the host and quickly went to work.

Hacking in AR so he didn’t draw to much attention to himself. He easily found the employee map of the place and decided to hunt around for some extra paydata. Looking around he found the shipping ledger and cracked it easily. It would probably wouldn’t sell for that much though so he started looking for some blackmail material. Which would of course be found in the payroll for the docks. After disarming a databomb and cracking the file he made a copy and jacked out.

Later that day Selene suggested the team all actually get together to come up with a plan since talking over comms was extremely inefficient. Ace generously offered his own home. So they all met at Ace’s small apartment and put their heads together to figure out how to get to the mainframe. With fences and cameras surrounding the docks it was going to be difficult to just walk in the front gate. So Selene suggested they go train surfing. A matrix search later they found several spots they could board the train. Brenda wasn’t keen on jumping the train so she said she would meet them there and dropped them off on the bridge so they could all jump.

Selene went first landing hard but quickly springing up to her feet. Truffles followed and left a decent sized dent in the train. Roy was next and almost fell but he certainly felt the jump in his bones. Ace summoned up a spirit to lower Hank down… Of course Earth spirits tend to give no fucks and he just jumped. Hank was fine but the train now had an even bigger dent in the car. Saving the best for last Ace Ronin movie superstar jumped next. For the second time in his brief Shadowrunning career his life flashed before his eyes. He barely held on to the train but he lost his bag with his katana.

Selene shouted over the roar that she was going to find a compartment to hide out in and ran off with Truffles following. Truffles lowered her down and she managed to quickly pick the lock into one of the compartments while hanging upside down and bouncing back and forth. Though really it was all because of the autopicker she had. The team then settled into the compartment and waited till they were there.

To be Continued…….

Session 4: 9/6/2015
July 28th 2075

The train shot through the storm with the team safe inside one of the compartments. They arrived an hour later, and donned their disguises . Well everyone except Truffles. Everyone grabbed some boxes and hopped off, until one of the dock workers noticed Truffles didn’t have a safety vest. I’m sure the worker regretted questioning him when Truffles fist connected with the back of his head. Grabbing the workers vest and stuffing him in a crate he headed back to the group.

Selene suggested that the others go check out the cranes and see which would give them the best distraction, while she checked out the building with the drone computer.

So she set off by herself and found that the building was two stories and there was only one camera on the outside covering the door. Though there were several windows that lead to offices and conference halls. She wondered if she could make the jump onto the roof from the surrounding crates, and while she most likely could make the jump decided it wasn’t worth the risk with the rain.

Meanwhile Ace lead the rest of the group to the crane. They decided the best one to use would be on the south side since Brightside’s team would be hitting a ship to the north. So of course Ace lead them to the North… and then Truffles lead them back to the south. They wound up having 3 cranes to chose from, the only problem was that they were all being used. So Hank went back into the host through the data tap they planted the day before and found the work schedule for that night. Fortunately the people working at one of the cranes would be going on break at midnight.

With that done everyone found there way back together and Selene called up Brenda to see were she was. Brenda was parked outside and said she planned on bribing her way in. So she pulled up to the gate and the guard asked for authorization number. Brenda gave the simple response of 500 nuygen. After a moment of silence they waved her in. He walked up and held out his hand. Brenda looked at him dumb founded for a moment and asked for is account number so she could wire it to him. The guards jaw dropped stunned. After he recovered he rolled his eyes and asked for 1000. In the end Brenda dropped it to 800 a small price for a lesson learned, always carry credsticks.

Brenda met up with the rest of the group but they still had 2 and a half hours to kill until Brightside messaged them the names they needed to upload. So Selene decided it was time to find some extra money for them to make. Hank and Selene put their heads together and started going through the shipping manifest they stole the other day. Selene suggested they go after magical items as they were less likely to be traceable as far as she knew. Yet Roy really wanted to hit one of the syndicates. Selene shot that idea down pretty quickly saying that the magical items from Wuxing would be harder to trace and it was practically a guarantee they would be valuable where stealing from the syndicates would be a crapshoot since who knew what they were shipping.

With that settled Roy and Ace flew over to the ship in the astral and eventually slipped through the ward. They returned an hour later with a rough idea of a crate they could steal. Brenda drove them over and Truffles, Selene, and Roy grabbed a trolley and headed onto the ship. Ace decided to stay behind something about being afraid of water.

They found there way to the container with no problems and Selene quickly popped the combination lock and a few minutes later the pallet was loaded. Though the container wasn’t empty yet. So they decided to make 2 trips. The way back was no trouble at all. Yet as they got closer Selene and Truffles heard 2 people shouting some gibberish in Cantonese. Selene motioned for them to fall back but one of them clearly saw Roy and Truffle’s shadow after some more shouting and finger pointing he headed over. Selene tried to get them to follow her but the second the man rounded the corner Truffles fist connected with his head. Truffles charged around the corner to the second china man with Selene right on his tail. Truffles ducked down low and kicked him straight in the jaw while doing a back flip. Selene was much less graceful and cracked him back in the face sending him to the ground with a thunk. They loaded up the second trolley and Selene through the 2 Asians into the crate and locked it. Roy charged at her with a roar. Screaming about killing innocent people he grabbed her and put her in a choke hold. She tried to explain herself but her explanations fell on deaf ears so Truffles moved in and separated them. Roy seemed to calm down after that and they headed back to the van.

With there bonus properly secured they each headed to their own objectives. Selene decided that all she needed was Hank and the others could do more good at the crane. Especially since Brenda needed Truffles to carry her up to the control rig on the crane.

As Selene and Hank made there way to the drone control building they ran into a slight snag. A spanish ork and his 2 buddies were making their way down to the water and as they passed Hank the ork boasted about how he was sending money back to Aztlan so his father could open a taco stand here in New Orleans. Well Hank was not taking that sitting down and roared all the racial obscenities he knew at the young Ork. A battle of racial slurs soon followed and one of his friends typed something out on his commlink. Selene rushed after Hank and tried to calm the situation down, she dealt with this pretty often after all. Claiming Hank was drunk she offered the guy her credstick to just let it go. Of course being a scumbag Aztlaner he pocketed it and continued the assualt. Well no one steals from Selene thats her job after all, so she decked him in the face…. just as security turned the corner.

Trying to be proactive she started screaming that this dirty Aztlaner stole her credstick and was trying to run away. The security guards didn’t buy it however, and ordered Selene and Hank to put their hands on their heads and back down. Taking a moment to think Selene played docile hoping they wouldn’t pat her down. The guard snapped the cuffs on and of course started the pat down. She almost got away but then the guards hand brushed one of her pistols. As he reached to take it she quickly slipped the cuffs pulled both her pistols and shot both guards, while Hank shot the third. After one more shot from Selene the other guard went down. In 3 seconds all of the security was down, 1 dead and 2 unconscious, and Hank marched towards the Aztlaner. He put his Super Warhawk right against his balls and ordered him to march to the end of the pier where he had him strip naked and jump in the river. As the Ork swam he fired off a few shots and yelled at him to keep swimming till he got back to Aztlan. Selene relived the 2 other guys of their commlinks, cuffed them and gagged them with the guards socks and shoved them all in a nearby shipping container. For the first time that night she loved that there was a storm

With that little distraction taken care of Selene lead Hank up to the building as quiet as possible and cut open one of the windows that went into an office. Hank jacked in to the office terminal and noticed there were 4 cameras inside. Using them he found the room Selene needed to get to. There was only one guy inside working on the computer. So Hank lopped the necessary cameras and Selene headed upstairs. Opening the door as quiet as she could she saw the man leaning over the computer screen and charged him with a quick one two punch he was down. Hank forgot to loop the camera in that room however and quickly covered her ass. She input the correct information in seconds and went back out the way they came.

Meanwhile Roy was fashioning a harness for Brenda so she wouldn’t fall as Truffles carried her up the crane. Being an Ork he had no trouble with the frail Elf on his back and got up in no time. Though Brenda had never used a crane in her entire life and neglected to read up on even the basic function. Still she had a control rig so she managed… rather poorly. Swinging crates wildly she smashed up several boxes until one of them smashed open, and around 40 mad as fuck cows came charging out stampeding around the dock. Brenda figured that was mission accomplished and had Truffles carry her back down.

After rendezvousing with Selene and Hank they waited for Brightsides call to tell them they got what they came for. They received the call but it definitely wasn’t the call they were hoping for. As it turns out the ship Brightside was hitting was owned by the Triads and they were shipping several crates full of people on it. Suffice to say drek hit the air filtration device and they needed us to get the manual override key for the drones so we could load up the truck while they dealt with the triads. They sent us the location of the key hung up.

Brenda sped to the office and pulling up they spotted 2 security guards, after a brief argument with Roy Truffles and Selene decided to just charge them so Roy followed them as they jumped out of the van. They took the 2 guards out but sadly one was on the radio with the contracted HTR team. Selene ran into the building to find the override key but first she spotted a magnificent painting, clearly Asian. It seemed to be painted by the Great Dragonlord Lung, one of the leaders of the Triads here in New Orleans. It was to beautiful to pass up though so Selene took it anyway.

They sped off to the boat and with they key Brenda finished loading up Brightsides haul. As soon as the last crate was in they called Brightside. The truck sped off out of the dock as Brightside screamed for back up they were pinned down in a warehouse by the Triads and while they had an escape plan they need help with the fuckers.

So once again Brenda sped off into the rain with lightning, gun fire, drones, spirits, and screams all around them they rushed too their employeers aide.


Session 5: 9/13/15
July 29th 2075

With Brenda’s great driving the team arrived at the warehouse that Brightside was trapped in. Hank scanned for smart links and found around 20 active guns around the entrance. Roy summoned an air spirit and had it lift him on top of the shipping crate the group was hiding behind to try to get a better look at the situation. However with all the rain it was hard for him to figure anything out. Truffles tried to creep down the middle to catch them by surprise when Roy shot a fireball down on them. Selene moved around to try to flank from the left.

Well it was a decent idea, until Truffles took a bullet in the side. Which activated his berserker mode. Brightside’s team were holding their own. A well placed chaotic world incapacitated several of the Triads. Which was then followed up with a fletchette grenade. Taking out several of them. Sadly it did not take out the mages or the 4 air spirits who responded in kind.

Moving further up the container Roy spotted 2 snipers laying on top of the container. He quickly gunned them down and prepared to cast his fireball, when another sniper round found itself in his abdomen. Selene was finally able to pinpoint him and put an AR mark on his location. Truffles in a drug induced rage charged charged the remaining mage and turned her into pulp with a swift punch to the face. The Triad standing next to her pissed his pants and dropped his gun. Roy sent his air spirit down to help Truffles deal with the pissed off Triads that were turning his way.

Meanwhile Brightside and friends were still fighting for their lives. Sadly they were simply outnumbered Brightside was holding her own yet her team was slowly falling all around her. Still they managed to get another grenade off (I think?) taking out several, and the lower level Triads started to make a break for it. As Hank put one down the sniper Selene spotted lowered his rifle at Roy again. But as he fired his leg slipped out from him and he shot one of his own people, and managed to roll of the shipping container. As Truffles turned to take on his next victim he saw Roy’s Air spirit get obliterated from a massive combat axe. Attached to that axe was an equally large Troll hefting the axe in one hand and a riot shield in the other. With a roar he charged her, with a massive swing that could cave in walls. Well at least if he hit his target, he stumbled and left his back exposed.

With the Triads running and Brightside “handling” the spirits things were looking okay for the Prime and green runners. Until the Drones came. Hank had no idea what hit him as two Steel Lynxes drove out of the shadows and turned him into swiss cheese. Roto-drones quickly made a perimeter and found Roy all alone on the shipping container. Their shotguns tore into him taking chunks of flesh out. As he collapsed to his knees, gunfire all around him, his blood pooling at his feet one thing crossed his mind.

“I am throwing this fucking fireball!”

Drawing on way more power than he could possibly handle he launched a massive ball of fire at the 2 Steel Lynxes. Which promptly exploded. The last thing Roy saw was their smoldering remains, and the large squad of HTR still running towards the fight.

Truffles completely unaware of everything besides his current fight, turned to meet the troll head on. Her axe caught him in the chest before he could deliver the blow that would end the fight. Though he got the last laugh as soon as he collapsed to the pavement a controlled burst caught the Troll right in the face.

While HTR swept the perimeter Brightside found herself the last one standing with 3 air spirits in her face. She then found herself inside one of the said air spirits, unable to breathe her eyes closed as a knife planted itself in her neck.

With death all around her Selene took her revenge on the sniper who crippled her team, cursed Hank one final time, said her good byes and ran. She considered running and never looking back, leaving the Shadows and going home. She couldn’t though there were still several people she owed way to much, and she wasn’t thinking about nuygen. She could still do this, she had too. She wasn’t the one who fucked up after all.

When the HTR team came across Truffles he was still breathing, barely. They stabilized him and through him right into lock up. Funny enough the big tough Ork was pretty easy to crack. For a lower security ward he quickly gave up all the details. He told them where they could find Ace’s apartment, about how Father Grigori set them up with the job and what they were there to do. As it turns out an Ork combat junkie does quite well in prison.

While Ace was able to escape thanks to Truffles the NOPD was easily able to find where he lived. Ace was able to get out he lost everything.

Things were worse for Brenda however. Ace didn’t have much to lose Brenda on the other hand had a lot. You see the NOPD eventually found their way to Brendas job. Thank god her company had several wheel chair accessible entrances otherwise there would of been no way she got out. Still while not behind bars herself she now found herself with no job, homeless, and with a very angry sister to feed.

Fail To Win

Session 2 8/23/15

June 20th 2075

After giving the team a week to lick their wounds Father Grigori contacted them with their next job. On paper it was a standard protection detail. Word on the street was that the Red Word Boys were going to attack a garden party happening on the 29th. The catch was that any gunshots would be considered a failure. The Garden party was a charity event being hosted by a well known actor who had made a documentary about his life in the Lower 9th and wanted to try to clean it up. Of course the area they wanted to start on was right in the Red Word Boys territory.

So the team picked their brains and tried to find out as much as possible about the Red Word Boys. It seemed that even though they had been around for roughly 17 years they were not big or influential. Yet they did seem to have a high concentration of Adepts. Which was very odd as most Adepts in the Lower 9th tend to get out quickly thanks to their specialized skills.

The group decided that the best way to stop an attack on the party would be to hit them preemptively. Of course they couldn’t take on an entire gang so they decided the best course of action would be to find a few of their hang out spots.

So Selene head out into their territory to try to get the lay of the land. After walking around for the better part of a day she stumbled across a house that seemed a little out of place. It had an extremely loud and obnoxious car in the driveway but the house was very well maintained. So she took a quick picture of the car and the house and went on her way.

When she returned home she asked Hank if he would mind doing some matrix searches on the property to see who owned it. An hour or so later he returned from the Matrix with the tax records for the property. It was owned by Sheryl M Vera, a 49 year old women who owns multiple properties in the Lower 9th practically all in the Red Word Boys territory.

The next place she checked was the park where the Garden Party would be taking place. It was a very nice park with an inner courtyard that was used for parties. Private parties were offered but the majority were public. She checked the registry on their website and saw that a private function was planned for the day before the Garden party. She forwarded all the information she found to the rest of the group.

Most of the group believed the house had more answers for them as clearly there was someone of some import living there. So Roy and Brenda set out to check the place out. Roy attempted to check the building out in the Astral and found a ward around the building. But for some reason he could not pass through. So instead Brenda released her Fly-Spy but it couldn’t find a way inside the building. So Roy went and knocked on the door asking for recyclables. The man that answered added even more confusion to the situation. He was a fairly tall Ork immaculately dressed in a suit and tie. He empathized with Roy and offered him a meal and all the recyclables he had lying around. Brenda flew her Fly inside as Roy headed inside.

The Ork was very kind even offering Roy a place to stay for the night if he needed. Roy declined since he could never get a good nights sleep surrounded by 4 walls. Brenda parked her Fly-Spy on the wall waiting until Roy left. The Ork told Roy he had some more bottles in the garage and ushered Roy inside.

Inside Roy found the exact opposite of a garage. The so called garage was a Magical Lodge that seemed to belong to a Shaman following the Seducer. Inside were 2 Red Word Boys. Roy quickly realized he was in a horrible position, infront of him were to gangers and behind him was the charming Ork. Roy turned and tried to pull the Ork into a grapple to use him as a human shield. But Roy was not strong enough and he pulled free effortlessly. The Ork simply looked at him and Roy pissed himself and passed out in terror.

A few hours later Brenda started to grow concerned that Roy hadn’t left the house even though she spotted some gangers leaving. She got on the comm and contacted the rest of the team. She shared the video feed from her drone and the group after some searched on the Matrix found that he was known as Allan Wolfe.

He seemed to be a reputable businessman who was independently wealthy. He even donated to several charities in the last few months for to help out the youth in the Lower 9th. Although a few years ago there was some minor charges brought against him for narcotics possession and smuggling, but that case seemed to disappear.

It all seemed very very strange so Brenda flew her drone around to try to listen in on some conversations. All she heard was some talk in a language she had never heard before. But Ace Ronin was able to piece together the garbled conversation to realize they were talking about some kind of ritual. She tried to pilot the drone around to get some more information but when she went through a vent her Fly was promptly zapped and it popped. Turns out the vents had electric currents to destroy DNA and pesky bugs.

After suffering some dump shock she called the group back and gave them the bad news. Theodore just said fuck it and decided to just go up to the house and say he was looking for his friend. Though Selene wanted to wait for Brenda to be feeling better incase shit hit the fan.

So the next day operation ‘Save Roy Again’ went into action. At around 12PM Theodore walked up to the door while Selene snuck around to the backyard. Once again Allan answered the door though this time he seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. Theodore asked him if he had seen his friend Roy who had been hunting for recyclables in this area. Allan claimed that he did see Roy and had even offered him a place to stay for the night but Roy had freaked out threw his commlink at the wall and bolted. While it did seem like something Roy would do Theo could tell something was up, and that Allan was clearly hiding something. While this conversation was going on Selene tried to break into the back. Though in a fit of stupidity she didn’t think a home in such a poor neighborhood would have an alarm. But thanks to her sound filter she heard the alarm and bolted. At that point Allan apologized to Theo and shut the door in his face.

When Roy woke up that morning he found himself content for the first time in a long time, though he was extremely hungry. He had a very interesting dream where he sat in a great dining room with Allan eating quite possibly the best pork chop he had ever tasted. Thinking nothing of it Roy looked around the room, his new prison, and quickly came to the conclusion that he was screwed. Allan entered the room a few minutes later. All Roy asked was “Why”. Allan simply said that something seemed off about Roy and that he couldn’t have anyone distracting him in the next few days. Though Allan did apologize and told him that he would let him go in about a week with some nuygen to buy a new commlink and that of course he would be fed. With that he left and just like he said an hour later a ganger came and brought Roy his meal.

Well it was clear to the team that Roy was still inside, and they planned on coming back later that night. Yet Ace Ronin was not satisfied with Roy’s Astral recon and decided to do a bit himself. He found the very same Ward that Roy had yet after an award winning smile he walked right through it. Inside he found quite a bit of emotion most of it was satisfaction yet underlying it all was a very strong hunger. As he was passing through the kitchen he spotted Allan who turned with a very surprised look on his face and charged him. He ripped Ace Ronin’s soul to pieces.

Yet by some miracle his ragged soul managed to make its way back to his body. Back in the car his eyes popped open and Selene, Hank, and Theodore were treated to his screams as blood burst from his mouth. Within moments he fell into a coma. At this point the remaining 3 members of the team were terrified of that house. So after dropping Ace Ronin’s body back at his house they decided that messing with Allan Wolfe was a horrible idea as he seemed to be an extremely powerful mage.

So Theodore, Brenda, Selene, and Hank attended the party in an attempt to salvage the job. They were tense the entire night yet the attack never came. It seemed that they had shaken up Allan enough that he had called off the attack and moved his operation.

So It Begins


-June 2075

The story begins with several aspiring Shadowrunners making the appropriate $40 donation to Father Grigori’s church. A few days later they met him in VR at various locations, though Roy met him in person and he explained the job.

After the death of Peter Kafaias, a Satyr and loan shark in the Lower 9th, his son Donovan returned to New Orleans from St. Louis and took over his father’s territory attempting to transition the business away from money lending in favor of drug running. The death of Peter presented a wonderful opportunity for the people of the Lower 9th. Since Peter’s ex wife was a decker he was very paranoid of keeping anything on the Matrix and kept everything in writing. So Father Grigori wanted the group to edit his ledger erasing the debt of the majority of the people in the Lower 9th

Theodore a middle aged well mannered, and well dressed Dwarf met with the other two members of the team. Brenda a paraplegic elf who was fairly shy but clearly knew her way around machinery, and Roy an ex military man who was dishonorably discharged and was now homeless.

They were given the location of where Donovan lived with his crew but still had to find a way in to get the ledger. They observed Donovan’s crew for a bit and realized that every night seemed to be a party. So Theodore bought some Novacoke and hired some whores knocked on their gate and introduced himself as a pimp named Slickback and these were his bitches he then followed this up with a quick pimp slap to one of the whores. They let him since hey sex and drugs are great. Theo observed them for the night and managed to get into Donovan’s bedroom by asking if he could try out Tilly their main girl. He found that a locked door in his room that seemed to go to a private study locked with a transponder-keyed maglock. And after Brenda’s flyspy checked out the rest of the building they concluded that must be where the ledger is.

After Theo left the team got another message from Father Grigori with 2 more comcodes. Theo set up a meet at the mall in the Lower 9th to meet there 2 new members. Everyone was able to get in the mall with no problem…. except for Roy. The mall was obviously no place for a homeless man. Roy took offense to not being allowed in and was promptly Tased for his trouble. The security guard then brought him in went through his stuff took his combat knife and threw him out the back door telling him not to come back. Roy just responded with the finger…. and was then tased again.

Selene showed up to meet Theodore and Brenda at the foodcourt, of course she showed up 5 minutes late with her friend Hank carrying her bags. Theo asked about her credentials and Hank forwarded him a list of news articles showcasing several heists across Europe. Hank then headed over the Panda Express and started harassing several “spanish looking” customers telling them that taco bell was down that way before wandering around the mall to a grill store and getting into a heated argument about propane and propane accessories. Selene cut the meeting short and went to rescue the extremely confused grill salesman, and escorted Hank out. As she was walking out she noticed an Oni heading towards the food court.

Enter Ace Ronin action movie star! He approached the table that Brenda and Theo were sitting at and turned on the charm…. Theo was not impressed to say the least. Brenda’s sister on the other hand was thrilled to meet another aspiring movie star.

With all the introductions out of the way the team decided to find another venue to discuss the job so they could include Roy in the planning. At Selene’s suggestion they met at a local goth bar and after a lot of witty banter at Roys expense they settled on a plan.

Theodore would drug the gangers and after they crashed he would let Selene in and she would pick the lock and take pictures of the ledger. Theo and Selene would then go and make a respectable copy which would take a few days. Ace would then attempt to distract them with a magic show outside. If that failed then Theo would tell Don that some homeless man had been talking shit pushing them to go out and kick his ass. Brenda would cover Roy incase things went to far since Donovan was known to be prone to violent impulses.

So Theo mixed some Novacoke and Jazz and Donovan and his crew crashed almost on the spot. He let Selene in and she headed straight for Donovan’s bedroom. Meanwhile Hank found a briefcase turret sitting outside, he hacked it and attempted to check its targeting parameters and got smacked with a databomb for his trouble. Selene spotted the keys for the study on Donovan’s dresser and opened the study. Inside she found a cabinet and inside she found a safe, locked with a keypad. She took it apart and quickly unlocked it. All that was inside was the ledger so she skimmed through and took pictures of every page, and locked everything back up. On the way out though she spotted a lovely statue which she just had to take. So Hank pulled up the car and she threw it into the trunk and they took off.

Theo woke up the following afternoon to Donovan screaming about his statue. Theo told him he would do his best to find who took it. Once he left he called up Selene and after yelling at her for taking the statue she simply offered him a cut for his trouble. So with Selene’s help Theo made a marvelous copy of the ledger and they set the next part of the plan into motion.

Ace Ronin attempted to put on his magic show but apparently Donovan’s crew was not a fan of magic and shot in his direction to scare him away. Thus the burden fell on Roy to be the distraction. So Theo went to Don and told him he had heard a homeless guy bragging about how he got over on them a few blocks away. They all grabbed some bats and Donovan took out his knife and rushed out the door telling Theo to watch this asian guy he was in the middle of torturing.

Donovan found Roy waiting a few blocks away and proceeded to kick the shit out of him. Though they didn’t leave him to bleed out on the sidewalk. Instead the dragged him back to the house. Brenda didn’t want to interfere since the only firepower she had was likely to kill Roy with them. In the meantime the rest of the group were able to replace the ledger with the fake.

Roy was thrown into a chair right next to the asian Theo was watching. Theo could only look on as Roy was next on the torture list. Out of nowhere the quiet Brenda shouted fuck it! As 2 roto-drones flew out of her van towards the house. After a quick debate Selene and Ace agreed to go help Roy.

Brenda’s drones arrived though Hank missed one of the turrets and one of the Drones was quickly shelled. She turned and disposed of the turret before turning on the building and shooting at the front doors. Meanwhile Hank pulled up with Selene and Ace. Ace charged the building while Selene slipped around to the side door and made her way to where they were keeping Roy. Ace took 2 shots for his trouble quickly realizing that this is not a movie and sometimes the hero gets shot. Hank leveled his LMG at one of the gangers and unleashed a hail of gell rounds at him. Selene then rounded the corner and shot Donovan in the head with some stick and shock.

…. to be continued!

Continued On 8/23/15

Before Donovan could even react Ace Ronin made an illusion of insects appear over Donovan and the few remaining gangers near him. Before Donovan could react Selene plugged him with another round of S&S while Roy cut free from his bindings. Theodore noticing the only ganger left in the room with them was obviously paying attention to the drone pelting the building with explosive rounds walked up behind him and double tapped him with his shock gloves. The ganger didn’t go down sadly and Theodore scurried to the next room. Roy crawled over and stabbed the guy in the leg finally taking him down. Donovan realizing that everything was falling down around him ran for it but not before firing at Selene with a giant Super Warhawk and putting a nice size hole in her chest, before running for the gates. He ran right past Hank and as Hank leveled his LMG at him Selene rounded the corner and put one more round in his back finally dropping him. After seeing Donovan run for it the rest of the gangers ran for the fence climbing about halfway up before Hank mowed them down.

With the gangers taken care of Roy and Theodore freed the guy that was being tortured by Donovan. A short asian man who introduced himself as Juan Cho the accountant of S&M. Just then a pick up truck pulled up full of Orks and Trolls apparently Juan had a rescue party on the way. Juan left with them but not before giving Theodore his commcode.

With Donovan taken care of Theodore helped Roy into Brenda’s van and the team left. Brenda who is apparently a massive adrenaline junkie sped away until she managed to calm herself down shouting how fucking awesome that was. She dropped Roy off a little bit away where he had a circle of healing set up, and Selene went to see Father Grigori to confess her sins. In other words get paid.

When she arrived the Father was in a rather heated argument with a young Dwarf who had her tits hanging out for some inexplicable reason. Selene not wanting to seem like she was eavesdropping left them to their argument, which seemed to have something to do with a prostitute. Regardless the young lady left in a huff with clothes falling out of her bag and Selene went into the confessional.


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