Homebrew Qualities

Positive Qualities

Guardian Angel
Cost: 14 Karma
You have a highly skilled stalker, secret admirer or similar. When you are in combat and are below 4 in your stun or physical monitor (or in other life or death situations), they show up and assist in their own ways (a decker might hack enemy guns, an assassin might take sniper shots) but they try to keep from being spotted by you. Unfortunately their priority is your safety, and can muck things up (the GM rolls a d6, on a 1 their efforts are too rash. They alert matrix security with brute force attacks, etc). This can be combined with the sidekick quality.

High Class Bodyguard
Cost: 12 Karma
Your previous job required that you be able to move fast in a suit. When wearing non-restrictive clothing with less than 12 total armor, you gain 2 defense dice.

Hold My Beer
Cost: 10 Karma
The statement that precedes regret. When drunk, you can’t put the character down. He gains 5 additional soak dice, but while drunk tends to make impulsive decisions, and takes a -2 penalt to actions that require coordination or focus such as lockpicking or perception. Discuss with the GM what “kind of drunk” your character is – you may have to make composure tests to resist doing things you’ll regret later.

Live Fast and Die Young
Cost: 3 Karma
The character knows he doesn’t have long to live, or just never saw the value in investing in a 401k. He adds 2 to the dv of all attack actions, but his reckless attacks leave him open. Enemy attacks have an additional 3 dv. This applies to data spikes, spells, guns, unarmed, etc.

Cost: 14 Karma
You start the game with a sidekick. A street urchin who seeks to follow in your footsteps, the bodyguard assigned to you since birth, a native american who owes you a life debt. They don’t listen well to orders like “Just stay out of trouble”. They can be combined with the dependent quality. They gain base karma for all missions they take part in, but don’t expect a cut of money. You may choose to spend a week and allocate some of your karma to your sidekick, and you may give them money for their own gear. All sidekicks are subject to GM approval, but are created with street level rules. All sidekicks will have their own ongoing story elements which may or may not be revealed to the player. On any given run there is a 1 in 6 chance that the sidekick will get himself into trouble and require rescuing.

Negative Qualities

Bullet Magnet
Bonus: 5 Karma
Whenever the GM rolls randomly to determine who is targeted by an enemy, the chance to target you is doubled. For example, if there are 5 people in the party, the GM rolls a D6 and on a 1 or 2 it hits the person with the Bullet Magnet quality. If the target is hit by the shot, it gains +4 armor penetration.

Bonus: 7 Karma, 14 Karma.
The character doesn’t feel comfortable without his possessions. This quality has two levels. At the first level, the character takes a -2 to all actions when he has spent at least a week away from home, or at least his “Stuff.” He may relocate enough stuff to a new location, but doing so costs to ship based on distance. At the second level, he also takes a -2 to all actions when he doesn’t have a “Full kit” with him. What this entails is up to the character and the GM, but should be sufficient enough to pose some difficulty getting through security, such as all his thieving gear in a backpack, or a full arsenal of weapons.

Bonus: 4 Karma, 8 Karma
Resisting urges would be so much easier if it weren’t for temptation. The character tends to react without thinking. At the first level, the character takes a -2 to all composure, tests. At the second level, he takes a -4.

It Just Happens
Bonus: 12 Karma
The character has an issue – he can’t keep track of his pants. Maybe he has a thing for the au paire and tends to end up in a closet for a quicky too often. Maybe there is another reason. But either way, at least once per session, when least convenient or hilarious, or at important checkpoints, the GM rolls a D6, on a 1 the character disappears for 2D6 minutes and shows up afterwards without his pants.

Bonus: 7 Karma, 15 Karma
This quality comes in two levels. At the first level, the character must make a composure (3) test when confronted with valuables at least once per session. These items must be of some value, and may fit a certain theme depending on character (An art thief might only steal art). At the second level, the character must make a composure (3) to resist stealing random objects. These objects may be simple unattended possessions, or they might be valuable in some way. In either case, getting caught doing so should be cause for some complications (Such as stealing the baseball trophy of a business man you are dealing with). In either case, this should come up at least once per session, more at GM discretion.

Metagame Qualities

Character Journal
Reward: 5 Karma + 1 Karma / Week
Every week you will write a journal entry from your character’s perspective. There is not a word limit on it, but it should be nice and opinionated. A view on the week’s events, planning, or even their favorite breed of steer. Get in your characters head and give me a paragraph or two.

Reward: 5 Karma + 1 Karma / Week
You are in charge of managing party inventory. This includes keeping track of any loot the party has obtained, party resources, selling items, distributing gold, and if there is a share for shared party possessions, managing that. In addition you are in charge of taking care of any party possessions such as consumables or vehicles.

Reward: 10 Karma + 1.5 Karma / Week
You are in charge of keeping detailed notes and updating Obsidian Portal on matters such as events, runs, adventure logs, NPC names and details.

Homebrew Qualities

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