The city of New Orleans has a long history of home grown gangs. Most cities suffer from some level of gang problem, and the same names tend to show up everywhere. Ancients, Cutters, First Nation. These familiar names have a presence here too, but the degree is much smaller. There is little street cred associated with being a member of the Cutters. Its a bit like being a fan of whichever team won last years Urban Brawl championships – it just looks like you don’t have a backbone.

Most gangs start up in one of a few different ways. Some begin as neighborhood watch groups – kids trying to take care of their own, protect their neighborhood from other gangs or corrupt police. Others start up looking to build a community for the locals. Then some start out with a desire for cold, sweet nuyen.

In NOLA, gangs tend to be a bit harder – they don’t give in quite as easily. And they follow a code. First, don’t shoot the police. In the Big Easy, the cops are there to protect the interests of the big man, and look like they are protecting the little man, but if you go putting caps into cops you end up with a very corrupt and well armed group that is looking for revenge – and willing to fabricate evidence. Next, don’t rat. Stitches get snitches and most criminal informants end up dead – often the moment they hit the streets, assuming that they can’t be reached in prison.

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