A masterful decker who won't let you forget it


unLOCKE cut his teeth on the matrix before crash 2.0. Unlike many, he prefers the less open nature of the new matrix is the land of the professional. unLOCKE seems to exemplify the things that piss people off about both Deckers and Elves, being egotistical and easily distracted, showing off and then getting annoyed when people can’t understand exactly why his latest crack was so impressive. To boot, he’s an elf supremacist, openly embracing concepts like social darwinism.

Perhaps the most annoying thing about unLOCKE is that for all his ego, he’s actually quite good. Maybe not enough to justify his ego, but not for a lack of trying.

“I remember before crash 2.0. The old matrix was horrible. Kids downloaded programs off the trix and thought they were big hackers. You’d hire a decker on your team and it wasn’t a decker, it was some ork with just enough braincells to do a matrix search and hit the download button on his commlink and run the program while sitting in the van. These days you’ll get your brain fried out of your fraggin skull, you need to hack limbs and guns as they are being fired at you. Oh you can’t hack a top of the line security host while a troll is firing a shotgun at you? Tough drek chummer. Funny how you stopped seeing the orks with a deck after the crash.”



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