Tito Mancini

An itallian enforcer left in the last centuy


Tito Mancini is a dwarf with a stocky build. Well into his middle years, he sports graying hair and a cheerful demeanor. Tito is a man who has found his calling, a job he is truly happy with. He goes around the city, visiting rich and poor alike and convinces them to “expedite the payment of their loans”. To the poor, this normally involves physical violence, to the rich he gets more creative. In fact Tito can brag that he has slept with sixteen of the biggest stars of NOLA – he finds father’s pay up faster after seeing their daughters bent over a table.

Tito is a truly horrible person but he is actually pleasant to be around and has a friendly manner and is quick to buy the next round.

“See, my people have a long history of loving kneecaps. It ain’t just cause they hurt. It’s practical. Knees are notoriously hard to fix. Even back in my father’s day – lord rest ‘is soul – if I took a hammer like this to your knee, you’d always have a limp to remind yous of mistakes you didn’t make twice. These days doctors can do just about anything but me? I still like the knees. I just gotta cater to economic capabilities. Now you? Yous a solid upper middle class type. So I gotta make sure you can’t afford a fix. Let’s say, hypothetically, you didn’t have my money on Friday? I’d turn one of your knees to talcum powder with a tee ball bat I keep around, pulverize it a bit more with a ball peen hammer, then use pliers to get a hold of your tendons and use a lighter to cauterize them so that some enterprising doctor would have to replace your entire leg. Hypothetically of course. See you Friday Tom.”


Tito Mancini

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