~Tin Man

An ex-azlanti gladiator



UPDATE: Brightside died on July 28, 2075 in an altercation with the Triads.

  • Normally we have some less biased types handle the info on people, but Tin Man is a friend and I want to try to give a bit of insight that won’t come from the outside. So I took this one.

Tin Man has been around for a few years now, think he got here in 71. Back then he was this hard as hell, lightly cybered guy looking for a job. His resume put the other desperate borderline psychotic murderers to shame so I took him on a job – not going to lie, he was expendable. Didn’t graduate middle school, aztlan gladiator that gained some substantial fame, moved to playing court ball, disappeared off the grid, now he’s here.

Don’t know why people started calling him Tin Man, but fuck if it didn’t fit. Back then, fragger was crazy. First job, he takes out 2 trolls in a fist fight before I could clear the jam in my rifle, pulls out a collapsible spear and proceeds to make the entire security force into a blood pool. Problem was, he didn’t do orders well. Third run? We run into this mage who starts throwing around manipulation magic and he shuts down. Fetal position and cooing “Bad Marcos” repeatedly.

Should have kicked him to the curb. Really should have. But I see a fucked up kid who needs something new and I go all bleeding heart. I tell him that if he wants to run shadows he needs to find a way to deal with his shit and point him to a street doc I know. For some people, they got way too much feeling going on. Keeps them from living. For them, a cyberarm and a few choice upgrades can put your brain pan in order, make you feel less and compartmentalize a bit. It helped, a lot. Now Tin Man is a brutal motherfucker, a scary bastard to piss off, but he keeps his cool, works the plan, does his thing. Hard to find another fighter i’d rather have my six.

But this is the part where I gotta go into rumors and the scuttlebutt. First thing, nobody gets that fucked up around mages without a reason. I did a bit of looking into him back when – I’ll keep the private drek private, but I heard he got mixed up in some blood mage cult. Really nasty stuff. Leaves a guy twisted. If you listen to the rumors, you’ll hear that he still dances around those circles. Doesn’t sound right to me personally.

Still, he’s a good fighter, has experience, and even if he’s not exactly a smart motherfucker, he’s got good instincts and self control. Can you say the same about the sam you run in your team?


~Tin Man

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