The Barrows

A Group of Crocodile Shifters Out In The Bayou


Connection: 2
Loyalty: 3
Special: Any shiffters can purchase him for 1 less karma. Any one with > 3 logic remove 2 from his loyalty, Unless you have the Uneducated quality.

Training: Navigation, Survival, Tracking, Chemistry, Blades, Animal Handling, Exotic Ranged Weapon:Bolas

Qualities: Guts,Natural Immunity, Toughness, Adrenaline Surge, Animal Empathy

I Can Find That: Julius knows the Bayou like the back of his hand, if you ever find yourself in need of some rare poisons or awakened compounds he knows where they are. Maybe you’ll have to go get them yourself, or maybe he likes you enough to get it for you. He has 16 dice to find poisons and compounds that naturally grow in the bayous, and 10 dice things that grow elsewhere.

Thanks For The Meal Food is never scarce in the Bayou except when trying to feed 15 other people. Suffice to say the Barrows are not particular about the things they eat. If you ever need some bodies removed bring them on by, just make sure you bring some proper seasonings after all they’re not savages. At 3 loyalty they’ll want 500 nuyen per body – just to keep up appearances. At 4 loyalty, it’s no charge.

See I Know Stuff Too: He rolls 14 dice for anything related to the Bayou. However they are all Street/Interest knowledges. So no he does not know the chemical make up of that plant, but he does know if you can eat it and if it gives you a nice buzz.


The Barrows are a family of Crocodile shifters living out in the Bayou. The current patriarch is Julius Barrow. When not lazing around in the water he takes on the form of a very large Ork. However due to inbreeding his metahuman form is far from perfect. The scales and the eyes tend to keep most people away and he likes it that way.

You might be surprised to find that the Barrows are completely uneducated. Even before the passing of Halley’s comet the family hated society preferring to live in their trailers making drugs and only leaving to get food. Now that they are shifters this is only more pronounced, in fact they never leave now. The only one of the family who deals with outsiders is Julius, who seems to leave once every month to stock up on alcohol and chemicals. Nobodies really sure were he seems to get the money but it seems best not to ask…

The Barrows

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