Johnny Sausages

A senior beatcop who serves as a liaison between the NOPD and the criminals.


Johnny Sausage is a CAS, born and raised, fourth generation cop. And he keeps the tradition going proud, down to embracing the corruption in the city with both arms, just like the last three generations of his family. A senior beat cop, he has a dozen guys underneath him who help him out with his side businesses. Extorting criminals, helping fines “go away”, whatever it takes to keep his shoes shining as he walks through the muck.

A nocturna, he tends to work the late night beats, Johnny is a crack shot, and a skilled club fighter, known for using his shotgun was a club in a very artistic, and brutal, manner, though in a pinch a tire iron works just fine. His greatest skill however is knowing just how far to push what people, and knowing what people are better as friends. He has a wide range of contacts that have kept him safe, most notably his half-brother who runs a butcher shop in the Algiers that specializes in a unique spicy sausage made of real meat. Now, most people know that the real meat is mostly rat and sparrow, but nobody complains too much, and nobody gets food poisoning.

What has gained Johnny Sausages his name however is his tendency to use a custom designed high accuracy pistol based on a refinement of the remmington roomsweeper design. Able to hit a target at 45 meters on a quick draw with his own custom nonlethal ammo – shotgun shells loaded with sea salt, peppercorns, crushed pepper, and cloves. Coincidentally, the same core seasonings that go into his half-brother’s famous sausages.


Johnny Sausages

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