Sata Hayashi

A japanese stoner who specializes in getting you what you need, when you need it.


There are things that are rare in the world. A truly beautiful sunset, a view of the stars obscured by lights or smog, a hooker who loves her job. Perhaps chief among them is Sata Hayashi, a perpetually stoned Oni.

A courier by trade, Sata got his start as a pizza delivery boy. At some point he gained a reputation for taking freelance work. He’d stop by a store, pick up some alcohol for an extra tip. Then drugs. Then a pistol with a full clip of ammo. Today, Sata has gotten out of the pizza business, and he now works completely freelance. He will deliver just about anything, anywhere, including a pizza if you so wish. He has an unerring sense of direction, and an eidetic memory.

The danger of working with Sata Hayashi is clear however, he is perpetually cheerful and friendly, to the point where it is nearly impossible to tell when he is angry or frustrated. In addition, he works 100% for tips. If one hires Sata and tips poorly, rumors tend to start circulating. Don’t cheat him and he considers it his honor-bound duty to protect your secrets, short change him and you may have enemies showing up at your doorstep. He won’t negotiate with you, it is up to you to decide on the value of his service.

“Yup. Sixteen clips of APDS ammo for an Ares Alpha, 3 clips of EX-explosive. Three grenades, fragmentation, four zip ties – sized for ork arms, a case of heavy duty black trash bags, a pair of pliers, six nukit burgers, a case of NERPS cola, and a large pepperoni, extra cheese with breadsticks and garlic sauce.”


Sata Hayashi

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