A hard ass street urchin who tries hard to hide her good heart


In a city with as much gang violence, crime and tragedy as New Orleans, there are bound to be kids who get the worst of it. Poke is a young girl of about 15 who has managed to take just about the shittiest stick life could hand a kid, and make at least something of it.

Poke runs a small gang of orphans, street kids and urchins. Kids who are starving, who can’t put a sack on their back, she takes in. Gives them food. Teaches them to pickpocket, to scam, to steal, and perhaps more importantly, to listen. Of course, Poke’s kids have a few rules. No drugs, no prostitution, no gang affiliation.

Even still, Poke is a hard ass – she knows how hard the streets can get, and she has the scars to prove it, sporting an eyepatch from something, somewhere a long time ago. Her stance against child prostitution is somewhat telling as well. She takes no nonsense, and doesn’t like to beat around the bush. Come to her with mind games, fancy lies and sympathy, and she’ll turn you away. Touch one of her kids, and she’ll make sure its not a mistake you make twice.

Poke runs a valuable service however. Her kids report back to her with all the information they gather. Minor level dirt on random nobodies, gang movements, economic information, whatever they can get. She then sells this information at a premium. If you need a something lifted off a someone, she can probably get it out of their pocket, and if you need to move through the streets without getting lost or ending up on the wrong side of the wrong gang, she knows a kid who can guide you.



The Big Easy Fortuitous