Morgan Laughing Crow

The owner of the Hungry Like The Wolf, a bar in the Algiers.


Cost: 5
Connections: 2
Loyalty: 3

Training: Artisan, First Aid, Survival

Qualities: Inspired

A Place to Rest Your Head: Never one to turn away someone in need, Morgan has a knowledge of safehouses and bolt holes across the city. She knows the location of soup kitchens, and where a person can hide out and keep alive for a few weeks. Roll 14 + loyalty dice for finding a safehouse. Threshold 2, with more hits giving better quality or meeting more specific needs.

A Place to Fill Your Belly: With half her kitchen getting used on the best of days, she’s willing to let friends use her extra grills as long as they stay more or less out of the way. Her kitchen functions as a facility for cooking to anybody who needs it.

A Ear for your Troubles: A bartender keeps an ear to the flow of things and listens to people’s problems. For a small fee she is willing to relay a bit of what she’s heard. Rumors about specific people or places, or help tracking them down. She has 14 + loyalty dice for getting information about the types of individuals who might go through her bar. She can also use those dice as an assist on a tracking test to find such individuals.

Owner of Hungry Like The Wolf, Morgan Laughing Crow is an ork in her early 20’s. A bit plump and a bit squat, she wears her AmerInd heritage clearly. She is a follower of the Fire Bringer totem despite not having any magical ability, inheriting the totem from her mother who was an avid follower.

She’s got a softer heart that is likely healthy, and doesn’t like to turn anyone away, but without the magical clout her mother had, she has had to temper her bleeding heart with some pragmatism. Hungry Like The Wolf is open five days a week with Wednesdays and Thursdays off, opens at 11 am, and closes at 2 am. She floats between the far, the grill and her customers, and is known to give those down on their luck a free meal and a drink if they can give her a good story.

She’s a true artisan on the grill, and when she opened the bar she intended to expand, though finances have never allowed it. As a result she’s got a kitchen about three sizes too big. She makes good food out of low grade ingredients, and what she makes tends to be classic Peublo comfort food with heavy cream, honey and more cheese than would be strictly authentic. Her alcohol supply on the other hand is good enough to get you blind drunk, and a good chance of just leaving you blind – a mix of synth-alcohol and homegrown moonshine – though you might be better sticking with the rubbing alcohol.


Morgan Laughing Crow

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