Malcolm Ward

One of the public faces of the Anarchist Black Crescent.


Malcolm Ward is one of the junior spokesmen of the Anarchist Black Crescent of Crescent City. A treacherous position, especially with the criminality that is often tied to the anarchist movement. The ABC officially does not support any form of illegal action, anti-corporate terrorism, blackmail or other actions, but is often accused (and Malcolm would insist unfairly) of providing financial backing to those who would.

The true nature of his position is not just to put out public statements and assist in running charity events, but also to serve as the connection to the more illegal aspects of the anarchist movement. Should his position as the middle man ever be discovered, or should the tendency of ABC to finance more extreme actions ever be put into the public eye with a bit of evidence, there is a good chance he would be the fall guy. He seems remarkably comfortable with his precarious perch.

Malcolm’s specialty is information however, as even a solid rumor in the right hands can do truly terrifying damage to corporate interests.

“I always enjoy getting to use a bit of my budget to dress in a suit, meet a group at an ice cream shop, and introduce myself as Mr. Johnson. It’s one of life’s little pleasures. Plus, you can never go wrong writing off a root beer float as a business expense.”


Malcolm Ward

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