A free spirit and history professor at Tulane University



Cost: 24 karma – see special
Connections: 5
Loyalty: 4
Special: Imate has no need for money and only accepts payment in karma. Unfortunately, you can’t just hand your karma over to a spirit. A ritual is needed. This ritual transfers specifically 24 karma to Imate, and creates a 24 hour spirit pact between the two of you. At the time of casting, this provides a power Imate has for a full day. This is mostly just, as he calls it “Astral Red Tape.” After the ritual is done, he owes you 24 karma in favors. You do not need to use his favors within the 24 hour spirit pact period – this is mostly just a side effect of the ritual needed. Once you have used up 24 karma in favors, you must perform the ritual again to engage his services. If you don’t have a “remaining balance” with him, drop his loyalty to 3, but he may be willing to help for double karma cost of the favor to be paid when you renew the ritual with him. He may, on rare occasion, be willing to accept a favor instead.

Training: Arcana, Archery, Assensing, Blades, Clubs, Etiquette, Exotic Melee Weapon (Whip), Exotic Ranged Weapon (Bolas, Blowgun), Gymnastics, Instruction, Survival

Qualities: Astral Chameleon, Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins, Spirit Affinity (Spirits of Beast, Man)

Location, Location, Location: Imate knows the area all too well. He walked along the river before the city of New Orleans was a glint in a man’s eye, and he learned the sacred paths from the natives who lived here long ago. He has an extensive knowledge of underground caves, coves and similar locations that could serve as a hideout and is willing to give up the location to such a place for 4 karma. In addition, he knows the ley lines like the back of his hand, and can point you to a ley line that is aspected in a way you specify for 6 karma.

These Swamps Hide History: Imate is a history professor and has an extensive knowledge of magical theory, history and the current going-ons of the local magical scene. Add in that he was one of the 6th world’s earliest professors of magical studies, many of his ex-students are placed high in many companies and privy to secrets, and occasionally ask his help. He has 20 dice for knowledge tests regarding local history, 16 for the local magical scene. Having questions answered on a subject costs 1 karma. For more sensitive magical knowledge, things that require probing contacts, he asks for 4 karma.

A Spirit of his Word: Imate isn’t willing to break his word. If you owe him karma and can get ahold of him with an emergency request that is in his power to assist with, he can show up and provide it for 12 karma or more depending on the specific nature and danger of the request. He is a force 12 animae spirit of man with comparable spellcasting, a wide array of spells, and the wealth greater power. He will try to do this in a way that does not put himself or his reputation at risk.

A Reasonable Request: As long as Imate owes you one, you can make a reasonable request of him and negotiate the price as reasonable. He won’t do anything that will put him, his reputation or other existing pacts he has at risk.

Imate (Ihm-ah-tay) is a free spirit who came over to New Orleans on a slave ship in 1814 when a shaman of an African tribe bound him to the mortal form of the chieftan’s youngest son, to make him more powerful. The oldest son however saw his chance at being the chieftain fleeing, framed his brother for the crime of blood magic, and sold him into slavery. Imate’s vessel died six years later after a successful revolt against his owner, but was later captured and burned alive. Imate survived as a free spirit. What Imate doesn’t tell his class – but that invariably gets out all the same – is that he then went on a revenge spree, killing a total of 47 (recorded) individuals who had been repressing african slaves.

He is an anima spirit, taking the form of a 6 and a half foot tall Nubian man. He usually wears very loose slacks, an overcoat and sports various tribal piercings and tattoos, as well as whip scars, though there seems to be no reason that a normal whip would leave scars on a spirit inside a vessel, it is presumed that his time as a slave altered his nature enough to allow his form to alter with it. He is the current Professor of African Historical Studies at Tulane University. He also teaches historical fighting styles, including animal inspired african martial arts, spears, machettes, other traditional creole and african weapons, and, ironically, the whip.

His “Rate My Professor” page’s top review states “He is a hard ass, but pushes his students. You’ll learn a ton. He isn’t a fan of book work, but you better know your shit by the end or he’ll fail your ass despite your grades. You’ll think he’s pissed at you, but that’s just his way. Just don’t push his buttons – girl ended up getting cursed for a week when she tried to argue that eating animals is no different than slavery. Still, long as you aren’t a fuckwit he’ll have patience. Even saw a kid argue that slavery was an economic necessity with him for half an hour. Good show. Oh. He has a twisted sense of humor. Like, leave your standards at the door twisted.”

He is known to post on the local New Orleans Jackpoint under the handle “Freeman” and occasionally hires runners.



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