Guy Faux

Now you know a Guy.


Guy Faux is a fixer with close ties to the Kozlowski family of the Crescent City Mafia. He is a ratty man in his mid to late 20’s with a contact list that goes from the political elite to street level drug pushers. If you need somebody, he can find them – he just wants a bit of a cut for his effort. Though well dressed and groomed, hes a touch on the short side. Rumor is he originally got his first break working as a loanshark for the Kozlowskis, before turning to forgery and smuggling. He gained a reputation for enforcing his own loans. Eventually he split with the family on good terms and still works closely with them. As a child he was a compulsive liar, he gained control over the compulsion in his teens, but still often lies simply for the sake of keeping his “friends” off balance.

Perhaps Guy’s most unique skill is his ability to be as useful as he is punchable – a trait that has caused the ratty Itallian to gain a greater combat capability than his small stature would imply, though, to hear him tell, if he finds himself in a one on one fight, he already fucked up.

He insists his last name is pronounced “Foh”, though most people pronounce it closer to “Fox”.

“Yeah., Guy. Faux. Faux. Like the soup. It’s a family thing. Grandma Consume, Uncle Stew, my nephew Borscht’s been hangin with a bad crowd lately. My sister even married a fellow named Tom Yum. Terrible guy. Good soup. ‘course, the whole trend goes back to my great grandpa Campbell. No, not the guy who made Campbell soup, but he did nail his wife. The whole family’s got a thing for nailin famous soup wives.”


Guy Faux

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