Gottfried Phinsel

Sixty years young and one of the top cleaners in the city.


One of the oldest in the business. Gottfried Phinsel is a cleaner – a man who specialized in body removal, crime scene cleaning and covering up the biological evidence of crimes. He is guaranteed to arrive to any location within 10 minutes, with a full crew. His services are expensive and non-negotiable, but as long as there aren’t police knocking on the door, nobody will ever suspect a thing, and the body will never turn up. There is a premium to be paid for quality.

He works with his three sons, and can be hired before a crime occurs. While nobody is entirely sure how it is he moves bodies without ever getting stopped, the reliability of his service has given him a comfortable life and a grim sense of humor. Friendly, respectful, quick with a bit of graveyard humor, Gottfried is always polite and courteous. Needless to say, do not hire him if you can’t pay the bill – Gottfried works on a trust system, and none living have ever betrayed his trust.

“Ghouls? Vhat nonsense. Amateurs the lot. Like calling dog who lick up dropped schnitzel a maid. You vant professional cleaner? Ven get a cleaner, not diseased mutt looking for meal.”


Gottfried Phinsel

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