Father Grigori

A troll priest who uses his church to help the community.


Father Grigori is a Troll of Russian heritage – though he speaks in a standard midwestern tone. He turned to the priesthood early in his life, and eventually renovated and rebuilt a very large catholic church. Despite having a nondenominational stance, he dresses like a catholic priest. He holds service three times a week. The church has become something of a focal point in the community, and Father Grigori has taken to playing the intermediary between shadowrunners and his own community. Those with need for jobs provide a donation, Grigori skims his cut off the top – a standard 20% for his own living expenses and that of the church – and hires Shadowrunners to remedy the issue. The Lower 9th New Hope Church has become known as a place for new shadowrunners to get their feet wet. They attend a service, put in a donation of 40 dollars, using 4 old style USA 10 dollar bills, each with the individual’s name written on them. If Father Grigori approves, he responds to the appropriate applicants with a meetup.

He is known to have an affection for dwarven women.


Father Grigori

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