Brother Black Powder

A middle aged ork who fights for the metahuman rights movement


Cost: 6
Connections: 4
Loyalty: 2
Special: Buddhists can reduce his cost by 1. Active metahuman rights activists can pay an additional 2 karma to increase his loyalty to 4.

Training: Blades, Clubs, Demolitions, Etiquette, Unarmed Combat

Qualities: High Pain Tolerance, Juryrigger, Toughness

Strike the Foundation: Brother Black Powder can obtain any explosive under 12 availability without a test. For any explosives over 12, he has 14 + Connections dice.

Spread the Word: By spending a month in penance and paying 3,500 nuyen, Brother Black Powder can help improve your reputation by decreasing your notoriety by 1, costing only 1 public awareness instead of 2.

Below Notice: The city doesn’t notice the smallest of people. The orks and trolls doing construction, the dwarf doing maintenance, the elf secretary. Black Powder maintains a network of people who can get into places unnoticed. For between 250 and 10,000 a head depending on the security of the location, he can get you a uniform, a map of your “work approved locations”, and a keycard for such a position – janitor, mechanic, secretary, maintenance, guy outside in a pirate outfit flipping a sign, etc. He can’t always get you the position you particularly want, but he can always get you something.

I’m disabling open comments on this one. I’ll approve comments that won’t give me a headache.

So Brother Black Powder is a runner who got his start in the 50’s. Far as I can tell, he was 14 at the time. Of course, for an ork that’s just about fully grown. A physical adept, he specialized in punching things into a bloody pulp. Thing is, he always had some sort of cause even as a kid. Back then he followed the teachings of great martial artists, studied philosophy, the whole works. Of course, at the end of the day he was another ork kid with a chip on his shoulder, and a way to throw some punches, he just put more effort into justifying it. – Sorry Brother, I’m just reporting what I heard from contacts.

As he got older though, that philosophical bent became more prominent. He started to calm down, but he always had a cause. For the last seventeen years, that cause has been the metahuman rights movement. The start apparently was when he was on a run against an unspecified corporation during a big metahuman rights rally. They used the rally as a cover to get into the building, but on the way out somebody managed to hit an exec with a brick, knocking him to the ground. The soldiers opened fire. The clips were entirely filled with stick ‘n shock rounds – gel rounds don’t do much more than piss off an ork or a troll afterall. Problem was? It was raining. It was a fucking massacre. The whole thing got swept under the rug, got two nights of news time, and that was the end of it. Brother Black Powder didn’t let it go. He turned to using explosives to deliver his message. Things got too hot for him, and he went on the run – specifically to china where he studied the Buddhist monks and their rebellions, learning from the descendants of those philosophies.

When he came back to NOLA, he was a lot more calm. Wore a lot more brown robes. Still don’t expect to get past him after using a word like “Trog” (See? I disabled comments for a reason.) but he probably won’t break your skull – and trust me, he can. These days, he lives simple. He still does runs, but they are mostly for the metahuman rights movement, and has largely become a positive face for the NOLA chapters, though only in a secondary capacity. The danger of his history coming out is a bit too nasty.


Brother Black Powder

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