Officer Vivi Blackriver

An AmerInd beat cop who got too deep too early


Officer Vivi Blackriver is a trollish AmerInd beat cop for the NOPD. She works a few different beats depending on the time of year, but rarely does she have problems. A bit on the short side – for a troll, vivi is stacked both in muscle and in curves. Vivi is a skilled martial artist, constantly taking classes in what little free time she has, and offering courses for the public in 52 Blocks, Boxing (Brawler Style), Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Okichitaw, and Tae Kwan Do. Needless to say, police get a discount.

She is perceptive, and has good instincts, but tends to be hot tempered – enough so that her career has largely topped out. In addition, her ongoing problems with gambling have left her in need of money quite often. She’s usually willing to pass on some information to somebody for a heavy credstick, or even rough somebody up. After all, reports of police brutality from the SINless and poor don’t exactly get high priority status.

In terms of personality, officer Blackriver is a non-nonsense type. She genuinely wants to help those on her beat, though often in her own, generally violent style. In her free time she can be found at dyke bars, often wearing combat boots looking to get a night of action in the bathrooms with a pretty girl, or on the barroom floor with a mouthy one who needs to be dropped a few pegs.

“It ain’t police brutality if they deserve it.”


Officer Vivi Blackriver

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