Greg Rice

A burnt out mage who specializes in "lightly used" foci


Greg Rice is a 29 year old human male but the years have not been kind to him. His greying black hair would look charming on anybody else, and his skin hangs heavy as if remembering muscles that aren’t as large as they once we’re. A UCAS marine tattoo is badly covered with another fainter tat, likely home done.

Greg Rice was once a top tier combat mage, but he was honorably discharged with PTSD. Unable to hold down a relationship he turned to BTLs for his sexual fix and before long was a ravid fetishist. Today he is a complete burnout forced to use drugs to astrally perceive so that he can identify and as sense foci and other magical goods. He has contacts in the military still who sell him recovered foci but it’s generally best to simply not ask where he gets his ware. It may not be clean, and sometimes his goods can be a bit quirky, but you can’t match his prices.

“Nah, no. That ain’t blood. Strawberry jam. Guy who uh… Sold it to me, he was, uh. Big toast eater. Toast. English muffins. Bagels. Those shitty cracker toasts. Melbournes or melbas or some drek. Look, it does what you want, so let’s stop with the third degree and talk nuyen yea? Got a new BTL in line involving a ghoul, a horse an three dwarves.”

Greg Rice

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