The Big Easy

So It Begins


-June 2075

The story begins with several aspiring Shadowrunners making the appropriate $40 donation to Father Grigori’s church. A few days later they met him in VR at various locations, though Roy met him in person and he explained the job.

After the death of Peter Kafaias, a Satyr and loan shark in the Lower 9th, his son Donovan returned to New Orleans from St. Louis and took over his father’s territory attempting to transition the business away from money lending in favor of drug running. The death of Peter presented a wonderful opportunity for the people of the Lower 9th. Since Peter’s ex wife was a decker he was very paranoid of keeping anything on the Matrix and kept everything in writing. So Father Grigori wanted the group to edit his ledger erasing the debt of the majority of the people in the Lower 9th

Theodore a middle aged well mannered, and well dressed Dwarf met with the other two members of the team. Brenda a paraplegic elf who was fairly shy but clearly knew her way around machinery, and Roy an ex military man who was dishonorably discharged and was now homeless.

They were given the location of where Donovan lived with his crew but still had to find a way in to get the ledger. They observed Donovan’s crew for a bit and realized that every night seemed to be a party. So Theodore bought some Novacoke and hired some whores knocked on their gate and introduced himself as a pimp named Slickback and these were his bitches he then followed this up with a quick pimp slap to one of the whores. They let him since hey sex and drugs are great. Theo observed them for the night and managed to get into Donovan’s bedroom by asking if he could try out Tilly their main girl. He found that a locked door in his room that seemed to go to a private study locked with a transponder-keyed maglock. And after Brenda’s flyspy checked out the rest of the building they concluded that must be where the ledger is.

After Theo left the team got another message from Father Grigori with 2 more comcodes. Theo set up a meet at the mall in the Lower 9th to meet there 2 new members. Everyone was able to get in the mall with no problem…. except for Roy. The mall was obviously no place for a homeless man. Roy took offense to not being allowed in and was promptly Tased for his trouble. The security guard then brought him in went through his stuff took his combat knife and threw him out the back door telling him not to come back. Roy just responded with the finger…. and was then tased again.

Selene showed up to meet Theodore and Brenda at the foodcourt, of course she showed up 5 minutes late with her friend Hank carrying her bags. Theo asked about her credentials and Hank forwarded him a list of news articles showcasing several heists across Europe. Hank then headed over the Panda Express and started harassing several “spanish looking” customers telling them that taco bell was down that way before wandering around the mall to a grill store and getting into a heated argument about propane and propane accessories. Selene cut the meeting short and went to rescue the extremely confused grill salesman, and escorted Hank out. As she was walking out she noticed an Oni heading towards the food court.

Enter Ace Ronin action movie star! He approached the table that Brenda and Theo were sitting at and turned on the charm…. Theo was not impressed to say the least. Brenda’s sister on the other hand was thrilled to meet another aspiring movie star.

With all the introductions out of the way the team decided to find another venue to discuss the job so they could include Roy in the planning. At Selene’s suggestion they met at a local goth bar and after a lot of witty banter at Roys expense they settled on a plan.

Theodore would drug the gangers and after they crashed he would let Selene in and she would pick the lock and take pictures of the ledger. Theo and Selene would then go and make a respectable copy which would take a few days. Ace would then attempt to distract them with a magic show outside. If that failed then Theo would tell Don that some homeless man had been talking shit pushing them to go out and kick his ass. Brenda would cover Roy incase things went to far since Donovan was known to be prone to violent impulses.

So Theo mixed some Novacoke and Jazz and Donovan and his crew crashed almost on the spot. He let Selene in and she headed straight for Donovan’s bedroom. Meanwhile Hank found a briefcase turret sitting outside, he hacked it and attempted to check its targeting parameters and got smacked with a databomb for his trouble. Selene spotted the keys for the study on Donovan’s dresser and opened the study. Inside she found a cabinet and inside she found a safe, locked with a keypad. She took it apart and quickly unlocked it. All that was inside was the ledger so she skimmed through and took pictures of every page, and locked everything back up. On the way out though she spotted a lovely statue which she just had to take. So Hank pulled up the car and she threw it into the trunk and they took off.

Theo woke up the following afternoon to Donovan screaming about his statue. Theo told him he would do his best to find who took it. Once he left he called up Selene and after yelling at her for taking the statue she simply offered him a cut for his trouble. So with Selene’s help Theo made a marvelous copy of the ledger and they set the next part of the plan into motion.

Ace Ronin attempted to put on his magic show but apparently Donovan’s crew was not a fan of magic and shot in his direction to scare him away. Thus the burden fell on Roy to be the distraction. So Theo went to Don and told him he had heard a homeless guy bragging about how he got over on them a few blocks away. They all grabbed some bats and Donovan took out his knife and rushed out the door telling Theo to watch this asian guy he was in the middle of torturing.

Donovan found Roy waiting a few blocks away and proceeded to kick the shit out of him. Though they didn’t leave him to bleed out on the sidewalk. Instead the dragged him back to the house. Brenda didn’t want to interfere since the only firepower she had was likely to kill Roy with them. In the meantime the rest of the group were able to replace the ledger with the fake.

Roy was thrown into a chair right next to the asian Theo was watching. Theo could only look on as Roy was next on the torture list. Out of nowhere the quiet Brenda shouted fuck it! As 2 roto-drones flew out of her van towards the house. After a quick debate Selene and Ace agreed to go help Roy.

Brenda’s drones arrived though Hank missed one of the turrets and one of the Drones was quickly shelled. She turned and disposed of the turret before turning on the building and shooting at the front doors. Meanwhile Hank pulled up with Selene and Ace. Ace charged the building while Selene slipped around to the side door and made her way to where they were keeping Roy. Ace took 2 shots for his trouble quickly realizing that this is not a movie and sometimes the hero gets shot. Hank leveled his LMG at one of the gangers and unleashed a hail of gell rounds at him. Selene then rounded the corner and shot Donovan in the head with some stick and shock.

…. to be continued!

Continued On 8/23/15

Before Donovan could even react Ace Ronin made an illusion of insects appear over Donovan and the few remaining gangers near him. Before Donovan could react Selene plugged him with another round of S&S while Roy cut free from his bindings. Theodore noticing the only ganger left in the room with them was obviously paying attention to the drone pelting the building with explosive rounds walked up behind him and double tapped him with his shock gloves. The ganger didn’t go down sadly and Theodore scurried to the next room. Roy crawled over and stabbed the guy in the leg finally taking him down. Donovan realizing that everything was falling down around him ran for it but not before firing at Selene with a giant Super Warhawk and putting a nice size hole in her chest, before running for the gates. He ran right past Hank and as Hank leveled his LMG at him Selene rounded the corner and put one more round in his back finally dropping him. After seeing Donovan run for it the rest of the gangers ran for the fence climbing about halfway up before Hank mowed them down.

With the gangers taken care of Roy and Theodore freed the guy that was being tortured by Donovan. A short asian man who introduced himself as Juan Cho the accountant of S&M. Just then a pick up truck pulled up full of Orks and Trolls apparently Juan had a rescue party on the way. Juan left with them but not before giving Theodore his commcode.

With Donovan taken care of Theodore helped Roy into Brenda’s van and the team left. Brenda who is apparently a massive adrenaline junkie sped away until she managed to calm herself down shouting how fucking awesome that was. She dropped Roy off a little bit away where he had a circle of healing set up, and Selene went to see Father Grigori to confess her sins. In other words get paid.

When she arrived the Father was in a rather heated argument with a young Dwarf who had her tits hanging out for some inexplicable reason. Selene not wanting to seem like she was eavesdropping left them to their argument, which seemed to have something to do with a prostitute. Regardless the young lady left in a huff with clothes falling out of her bag and Selene went into the confessional.



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